I am a lifelong citizen of the beautiful and wonderfully great state of Maine, where living here has truly been “The Way Life Should Be.”

That was at least up until I became a legal, voting adult, anyway.

I recently learned that there is legislation being considered in the People’s House in Augusta, to support the “expansion of abortion to birth” here in Maine. Induced abortion of a human life at any time is morally wrong and socially unethical. The practice of abortion has definite lifelong and generational consequences that are negatively life altering.

Abortion is murder, period. Otherwise why, under federal law, is it that the criminal charge when a pregnant woman dies at the hands of another is determined upon two lives, and not only on one?

Hence, I conscientiously declare to our elected representatives at the capitol that they must not vote based on their personal ideologies, but as the voice for their constituents: We, the people of Maine demand that they loudly and unequivocally vote “no” on this abortion expansion legislation.

I have voted.

Christine Gerrish, Mexico

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