Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is on his high horse, riding roughshod over his citizens, cracking his whip by banning books because he thinks drawings of genitals and sex acts will horrify children.

Children are witness to violence, sex, police brutality, and crimes against women and children on the nightly news. Movies streamed into homes are full of violence, sex and nudity; maybe he  should ban the news programs and movies.

Another crack of his whip, and he is ostracizing trans and gays. They did not just drop from the sky yesterday; these folks have lived among us and been accepted for who they are forever, until he  started pointing fingers.

Crack, slash, and there goes our national history. History teaches us to learn from our mistakes, such as don’t elect people with outlandish, crazy ideas to be our leaders.

Snap, crack, what’s next? Banning green hair, or perhaps witch hunts and burnings at the stake? His rhetorical spewing serves no purpose but to encourage hate groups and turn people against each other.

May he be voted out, and ride off into the sunset.

Carole Richards, Livermore


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