Maine now allows abortions up the point of viability, that is, to the time that an unborn child is able to survive if born prematurely. This is about 24 weeks.

Gov. Janet Mills promised, when campaigning, that she would not attempt to extend abortion rights beyond this. Yet she is supporting a bill that would extend abortion rights up to birth, with a doctor’s approval.

The vast majority of Americans, including many who would consider themselves pro-choice, do not agree with late-term abortions. In Maine it is already allowed for a doctor to perform a late-term abortion if the mother’s life is at risk. There is no need to terminate the life of an unborn baby that is able to survive on its own if born prematurely.

Our son is now 17. Before he was born an ultrasound showed that he might be deformed or handicapped in other ways. We would have welcomed him even if he had physical or mental deficits, yet he was born completely well. Under the proposed bill, his life could have been terminated even when he was fully formed, at 38 to 40 weeks.

I hope, when this bill is introduced, that pro-choice and pro-life Mainers who believe that enough is enough and do not support late-term abortion will show up in Augusta in droves to let our representatives and the governor know that we do not support this.

Dan Pearson, Rumford

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