The Associated Press article at the top of the Sun Journal’s front page March 21, “UN climate report gives stark warning,” reminds us that although we have recently been lulled by good news of the growth in renewable energy, we are still burning more and more greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels.

This will continue unless we stop subsidizing fossil fuels and start pricing them to fairly reflect their true cost, which includes climate catastrophe.

A national policy option under consideration now would attach a surcharge to all fossil fuels as they enter the economy, to reflect the amount of carbon dioxide they will emit if burned. The proceeds of this surcharge would be deposited in a Carbon Trust Fund for the American people and be remitted in regular dividend checks to all households.

Basic economics tells us that consumer demand responds to prices. The carbon cashback plan uses market forces to decrease demand for fossil fuels, and provides compensation for households.

Congress must support this.

Cynthia Stancioff, Chesterville

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