To the Editor:

Will Jones and his family became our neighbors when they moved here from Oregon a few years ago. Over a few months I came to know him as an individual with a lot of varied experience through travel, assignments, adventure, and fun. I also learned that we had different views of some experiences of life.

What impressed me was he managed to make it okay for both of us to hold our views while discussing the differences. He makes it okay for both of us to learn and respect.

The family has two children, one in high school and one in elementary, both locally. The family believes in the value and necessity of education, both traditional, and experiential.

What more could we want for our school board than an individual with wide experience, the ability to discuss differences openly and respectfully, committed to education through listening and learning, and who has his kids in the system?

I endorse Todd “Will” Jones for the school board.

Dave Wooley


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