The Auburn Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, March 28, has on its agenda consideration of phase two of the Stable Ridge development on 555 Court St.

On March 21, the Auburn City Council narrowly approved a TIF for phase one that fortunately was amended to allow a public hearing on the “credit enhancement agreement,” which would amount to Auburn taxpayers rebating tax money to a private developer of market-rate housing — not affordable housing or workforce-related housing.

There is absolutely no reason why taxpayers should compensate a developer that simply didn’t make all the profit it wanted to.

Although the mayor was displeased with the initial Planning Board vote not to approve phase two, stating that the decision wasn’t supported by findings of fact, there is a public comments document on the city website that describes some problems with phase one.

The document notes that the mix of residential unit types approved by the board was not implemented, because of “economics.” Presumably those same economics will result in solely market-rate units in phase two.

Auburn is not required to become the answer to rent gouging in Portland. Insufficient consideration has been given to the problems of becoming a bedroom community for Portland: increased traffic on already poor roads, demands on public services, and noise and light pollution.

With the agricultural zoning in play, there could be many more of these developments coming, at the expense of agricultural-related enterprises.

Auburn citizens should have more of a say about this direction for our city.

Renee Cote, Auburn

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