AUBURN — A Connecticut man charged with killing two people inside an Auburn apartment last year was in court Wednesday seeking a new lawyer.

David Barnett Androscoggin County Jail

But, after speaking privately with an Androscoggin County Superior Court judge and his court-appointed lawyer, David Barnett, 35, of Bristol, Connecticut, withdrew his motion for a change in legal counsel.

Barnett appeared in court by videoconference from Androscoggin County Jail where he is being held without bail pending trial.

Barnett had written a letter to the court last month in which he raised concerns he was having with his defense attorney, Steve Smith, according to Justice Harold Stewart II.

Afterward, Smith filed a formal motion on Barnett’s behalf to change attorneys, Stewart said.

Barnett, also known as “Slim” and “Cash” was indicted in August 2022 on two counts of of intentional or knowing murder in the slayings of Kelzie Caron, 21, of Auburn and Pierre Langlois, 21, of Meriden, Connecticut, in an apartment at 49 Fourth St. in Auburn on June 19, 2022.


Each of those charges is punishable by 25 years to life in prison.

He also is charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Barnett was appointed an attorney by the court, but later changed lawyers after his then-attorney filed a motion in January to withdraw as Barnett’s lawyer, “asserting that you had raised displeasure with the service he presented to you so far,” Stewart said.

“If we were to change counsel, this would now lead to lawyer number three,” Stewart told Barnett. “And that begins to raise the point as a concern from the court as to whether or not there’s any counsel that you would be able to work with. Throughout this proceeding, you indeed do have the right to an attorney, but that is not a limitless resource. An individual could find themselves, if they repeatedly make requests for changes attorney, it could leave the court in a position where it no longer has the ability or no longer would find it appropriate to continue to just appoint counsel that you may indeed just decide to fire or terminate the relationship with.”

Smith said Barnett’s letter “came as a surprise” to him, having had what he characterized as a “very pleasant and productive” conversation with Barnett.

Barnett was arrested in Maryland in July 2022.

He was brought back to Maine a month later where he has been held without bail.

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