Coach: Annette Caldwell (ninth year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: 10th at MVC championships, 25th at Class C states; Girls: Seventh at MVCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Ayden Jefferson, Taz Keough; Juniors — Brady Trenoweth, Braden Cousineau, Justin Lucas, Nolan Keene; Sophomores — Dom Constantino, Cayden Durgin. Girls: Juniors — Emily Tilton, Caylie Principe, Kakoa Laliberte, Mya Austin; Sophomores — Naomi Austin, Audrey Stimson, Brittany Carrier.
Key loss: Guilia Battistella.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Senior — Cole Brewster (jumps); Freshmen — Blake Austin (distance), Neil Haylock (throws), Gavin Parsons (jumps). Girls: Seniors — Hailey Litchfield (throws), Sophia Sepulveda (sprints); Sophomores — Carley Coffman (sprints), Madison Wallace (jumps).
Season outlook: The Bucks bring back some strong veterans and will mix in a good group of newcomers, according to Caldwell. The boys team adds some distance runners and the girls team should be strong in the middle distances. A few athletes could contend for MVC titles, which Caldwell said is “exciting” for a program that lacks the depth to contend for team championships.

Coach: Dave Buck (fourth year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: Seventh at MVCs, 28th at Class C states; Girls: 10th at MVCs, 24th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Bode Gray (throws/sprints), Bryan Beaucage (jumps/sprints/throws), Thaden Hill (throws), Robert Suprenant (throws); Junior — Sam Benson (sprints); Sophomore — Andrew Wisecup (throws/jumps). Girls: Seniors — Savannah Williams (throws/hurdles), Abbey Therriault (distance/race walk); Junior — Megan Spaulding (throws); Sophomore — Amaya Child (sprints/race walk).
Key losses: Logan Morris (hurdles), Megan Fletcher (throws), Jayce Brophy (sprints).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Freshmen — Giovanni Patterson (sprints/throws), Jayden Patterson (sprints/throws), Shayne Henry (hurdles/sprints), Jed Fields (throws/sprints). Girls: Freshmen — Ella Cote (sprints), Pheonix Lee (distance/throws).
Season outlook: An influx of “young, enthusiastic” freshmen has the Cougars, according to Buck, hoping to move up the ladder in the team standings in the MVC and at states. Dirigo hopes to qualify several individuals for the state championships, and for some of the younger athletes to have a chance to compete in the relay events.

Coach: Rebecca Hefty (eighth year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: Third at KVAC Large School championships, sixth at Class A states; Girls: KVAC Large School champions, fourth at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Gavin Anderson (distance), Eli Fogg (distance), Declan Howe (distance), Joe LeBlanc (distance), Colby Smyth (jumps/distance), Quinn St. Peter Scott (distance), Jayden Baril (sprints), Shirome Coy (sprints), Gavin Therriault (Sprints/Javelin), Dru Hyndman (jumps), Tudum Monday (hurdles/jumps), Eli Morgan (sprints/hurdles), Owen Vincent (distance). Girls: Layla Facchiano (sprints/jumps), Leilani Mitchell (race walk/throws/jumps), Saphryn Humason-Fulgham (jumps), Katharine Garcia (distance), Micah Joler (jumps), Marin Peck (sprints), Kasey Smith (race walks), Nevi Fogg (sprints), Izzy Langelier (race walk), Lilly Watkins (sprints/hurdles/jumps), Breya Whitman (jumps).
Key losses: Boys: Ellis Slover (distance), Eli St. Laurent (sprints/jumps), Clay Trafton (distance), Ben Condit (distance), Richie Romano (throws), Paul Dimitri (throws), Simon Hall (race walk/distance), Weston Hartley (distance), Will Sampson (sprints/jumps), John Shea (throws), Hamza Sheikh (distance): Girls: Makenna Drouin (hurdles/sprints), Payton Bell (distance), Natalie Garcia (distance), Sophia Hartley (throws), Princess Monday (throws), Ana Moreno (sprints).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Ngengele Adolphe, Jack Martel, Fernando Kele, Cody Peaslee, James Bolduc, Ethan Levesque, Tulebari Monday. Girls: Sophie Cote, Mackenzie Joler, Gabrielle Langelier, Kayliana Madore, Favour Monday, Maddie Ranger, Kiara Bushman, Violet Vincent, Aiwen Maiwen.
Season outlook: The Red Eddies not only lost a large contingent of athletes from last year’s team — including the girls squad that won the KVAC Large School title — but they don’t have their own home track for the first time in program history, due to construction of the new high school. The Eddies will instead practice at Lewiston High School. Hefty said both the boys and girls teams are aiming to qualify as many athletes as they can into the championship meets.

Coaches: Boys: Todd Mercer (20th year). Girls: Mike Griffin (eighth year)
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: Sixth in Division 1 at WMC championships, 17th at Class B states; Girls: Fifth in Division 1 at WMCs, 15th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Nick Levier (throws); Juniors — Carter Libby (distance), Preston Gerry (middle distance), Trevor Amos (throws), Ben Cobb (hurdles/jumps), Phil Soule (throws), Tony Reiling (sprints/jumps); Sophomores — Cole Ouellette (throws), Cam Meek (throws), Cole Frey (sprints/jumps). Girls: Seniors — Lorenza Piper (throws), Emma Hutchings (throws), Lexi Hutchings (throws); Junior — Sara Patriquin (jumps).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Senior — Michael Maines (distance); Freshman — Jackson Libby (distance). Girls: Junior — Ella Brown (jumps/sprints); Sophomore — Elara Kluck (throws); Freshman — Lyedin Chase-Lessard (jumps/sprints).
Season outlook: The Patriots will be led by their throwers this season. The girls have three throwers (Piper and the Hutchings sisters) who are contenders for state titles, while the boys have one of the deepest throwing groups in the state, according to Griffin. Patriquin and Brown — the latter new to outdoor track but a WMC top performer during the indoor season — further bolster the girls squad in the field events as jumpers. Carter Libby will lead the boys team on the track.

Coaches: Jamie Juntura (12th year), Will Parkin (fifth year), Jen Perron (second year), Isaiah Davis (sixth year), Sean Daigle (first year)
Class: B; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: KVAC Small School champions, Class B state runners-up. Girls: KVAC Small School runners-up, 13th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Dayton Calder, Logan Ouellette, Logan Berube, Gabe Durazo, Dom Toscano, Jake Maheu, Ethan Gatti, Austin Gates, Mason Twitchell, Aiden Turcotte, Max Thibeault, Cole Johanson, Mason Higgins, Brayden Greenlaw, Noah Brisson, Drake Bartley, Stephen Pierre, Joe Nickerson, Landon Myers, Hunter Milliken, Joe Marden, Cam Libby, Aiden Levesque, Xazavior Gray, Kavon Graham-Jones, Noah Gibbs, Wade Desrosiers, Alex Corey, Josh Blais. Girls: Emma Couturier, Hannah Milliken, Iris Petrin, Gwen Scherrer, Lindsay Bates, Alicia Bergeron, Olivia Doyon, Serae Fish, Abby Marston, Rakia Pierre, Charlotte Brooke, Amaya Bubier, Annabelle Chabot, Izzy Gates, Jade Haylock, Anniston Jones, Olivea Miller, Heather Mousseau, Lilly Pelletier, Molly Sealy, Sophie Simard, Katie Sirois.
Key losses: Boys: Robert Oliver, Jack Boutaugh, Josh Chretien, Jacob Wilcox, Trevor Poirier, Manny Driscol, Reeve Twitchell, Ben Sirois, Blaine Shaw, Degan Jordan, Hunter Hayes, Jonathan Schomaker. Girls: Kaylee Bellmore, Katie Blouin, Emma Callejero, Carlie Leavitt, Marit Lielekema, Molly Sirois.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Nash Angstrom, Maddox Demers, Mason Henderson, Jake Dening, Serogzha Bezhenar. Girls: Lily Anctil, Emma Beedy, Michaela Harrington, Danielle Bergeron, Carina Castagna, Sage Dunn, Hailey Marston, Kaisley Marquis.
Season outlook: Runner-up finishes by the Leavitt boys at the Class B state championship and by the girls at the KVAC Small School championship have motivated the returning Hornets. The boys have brought back a number of athletes who, according to Juntura, have “some big-point-scoring potential at the championship meets.” The girls lost some significant point-scorers, but do return a lot of talent, said Juntura, “including veteran leadership and underclassmen who are looking to get to the next level this year.”

Coach: Craig John (first year); assistants: Carolyn Court, Mohamed Awil, John Sinclair, Jane Jawor, Ken Ball.
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: KVAC Large School runners-up, 17th at Class A states; Girls: KVAC Large School runners-up, ninth at states.
Key returning athletes: Adam Bilodeau (hurdles/distance), Annie Spurr (distance), Aristique Meli (sprints/jumps), Ahmed Abdow (sprints/jumps), Jenni Flynn (sprints/jumps), Audrey Bilodeau (hurdles), Ryker Paradis (throws).
Key newcomer: Makenna Drouin (sprints/hurdles).
Season outlook: After taking over the Lewiston indoor track program this winter, Craig John starts his first outdoor season leading the Blue Devils. Another new coach is Ken Ball, who was a standout sprinter in Jamaica, including representing his native country at the Penn Relays. The Blue Devils also add junior transfer Makenna Drouin, who broke the state record in the 300 hurdles last year while competing for Edward Little. “There is already a great sense of camaraderie with team members being very supportive of each other,” John said. “Everyone is understanding that they all have something of value that they can contribute to the team.”


Coach: Nicole Sautter (second year); assistants: Hank Fuller (36th year), Doug Sautter (26th year), Bree Merrill (first year).
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: MVC champions, third at Class C states; Girls: MVC champions, Class C state champions.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Chase Mailhot; Juniors — Owen Booker, Adam Hayes, Emmett Mooney; Sophomores — Spencer Baldwin, Demetrius Clark, Caleb Hayes. Girls: Seniors — Kayla Cooper, Kiana Goldberg, Loreesa Theriault-Guay; Sophomore — Addy Burkhardt.
Key losses: Boys: Hunter Burkhardt, Darien Davis, Joshua Gosselin, Aiden Laviolette, Bryce Mitchell. Girls: Gabby Chessie, Amelia Mooney, Sarah Moore.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Landon Booker, Lucas Dail, Malachi Ganong, Kaden James, Liam Kuhl, Hunter Ladd, Ethan Lemont, Samuel Liudvinaitis, Isaac Scribellito, Layne Williams. Girls: Kasie Booker, Vivianne Corriveau, Riley Hoyle, Avia Russo.
Season outlook: The defending Mountain Valley Conference boys and girls champions have a young boys team and a small girls team. The boys have just one senior, but juniors Booker and Mooney are back after both scored points in multiple events at the state meet last year. The boys also have a large freshmen class. The girls return Cooper and Goldberg, who won individual states titles in the 400 dash and 100 hurdles, respectively. They, along with fellow senior Theriault-Guay, will provide leadership as the girls team looks to stay competitive at the championship meets.

Coach: Tom Menendez (16th year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: 25th at Class C states; Girls: Fourth at MVC championships, 16th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Trevor Bauer, Tristan Bauer, Brosnan Comeau; Juniors — Trent Easterbrook, Alex Wing; Sophomore — Zak Fecteau. Girls: Seniors — Megan Blasius, Holly Hunt, Allyson Lewis; Junior — Abby Atwood.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Senior — Adam Knell; Juniors — Ryan Ahearn, Pat Strout; Sophomore — Dante Burlingame; Freshmen — Tristan Comeau, Liam Ennis, Jacob Fernandez, Lewis Lamoreau, Gabe Saloio, Carmine Scalia, Isiah Trott, Noah White, Tim Barker, Evan DeHahn. Girls: Juniors — Samantha Barker, Izzy Hamann, Nadiah Ruopp; Freshmen — Danyka Blundon, Maeve Burgess, Annabelle Carlton, Audry Langlois, Eva Poulin, Clara Turcotte.
Season outlook: The Mustangs’ roster has “substantially increased,” according to Menendez, who attributes the grown to a larger-than-normal freshman class and some upperclassmen that were willing to try the sport this year. Menendez is interested to watch the athletes’ development throughout the season and see what their results are by the end of the year.

Coaches: Boys: JT Taylor (12th year). Girls: Adam Curato (12th year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: Third at MVC championships, 12th at Class C states; Girls: Sixth at MVCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Rob Leveillee (sprints/jumps), Tyler Skillings (middle distance/hurdles); Juniors — Maing Tang (throws), Andrew Crews (hurdles/jumps), Jyrrmal Yates (middle distance/jumps), Aiden Granados (distance), David Packard (distance), Emmett Logsdon (throws), Ethan McAtee (throws), Michael Chase (discus/hurdles/jumps); Sophomores — Drake Knox (javelin/hurdles/jumps), Kaden Mills (sprints/jumps). Girls: Seniors — Justice Gendron (throws/sprints), Brooke Buotte (distance); Juniors — Ciara Abbot (sprints/jumps), Brooke Chase (jumps/hurdles), Kara Jasud (middle distance/throws), Emma Koch (throws/jumps); Sophomores — Madi Dow (throws/sprints), Tessa LeClerc (sprints/throws), Felicity-Love Hoyt (jumps/sprints).
Key losses: Boys: Tresdon Mills, Kaden Paaso.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Juniors — Alesskio Fanelli (distance), Braedyn Goyette (throws/jumps); Sophomores — Joey Packard (distance), Adam Gammon (sprints); Freshmen — Whyatt Perham (race walk), Issac Ricci (jumps/throws), Daquari Thompson (sprints/jumps), Remi Gauthier (sprints/throws), Dexter Rice (sprints/hurdles). Girls: Sophomore — Paisley Clukey (sprints/jumps/throws); Freshmen — Hayley Glover (jumps/sprints), Chloe Brown (javelin/distance/hurdles), Anna Gaudet (throws), Brooklyn Averill-McLaughlin (throws), Isabella Ricci (throws), Nyasia Scott (sprints/jumps).
Season outlook: The Mountain Valley boys have their sights set on making a run at the MVC championship after showing lots of improvement last year. The team returns most of its athletes, though the loss of Tresdon Mills will be felt in the shot put, JT Taylor said. Underclassmen will look to fill that void, while jumpers Robert Leveillee and Jyrmall Yates, thrower Maing Tang and hurdler Andrew Crews have high hopes individually. The boys have been focusing on building a positive team culture and setting goals. The girls are looking to qualify as many athletes as they can to the MVC and state meets. Curato said this season is unique in that there are more athletes than in years past. He noted that the upperclassmen have stepped into their leadership roles.

Coaches: Jim Danala (10th year), Brandy Pierce (third year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: Fifth at MVC championships, 11th at Class C states; Girls: Eighth at MVCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Jeff Warnock (distance); Junior — Carter Butterfield (race walk); Sophomore — Reagan Lockaby (jumps/sprints).
Key losses: Cameron Walters (hurdles), Emily Kidd (discus).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Sophomore — Aspen Mitchell (distance). Girls: Sophomore — Deanna Phillips (distance).
Season outlook: A diverse group of new athletes this year will allow the Roadrunners to participate in more events than in years past, according to coach Brandy Pierce. She added that the coaches are hoping to find the “perfect niche” for each athlete, and then work on skills and technique with a focus on fitness and flexibility. Pierce also noted several of the athletes attended a leadership conference “to learn how to positively affect team culture through positive leadership.”

Coach: Kelley Cullenberg (31st year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: Seventh at KVAC Large School championships, 23rd at Class A states; Girls: Seventh at KVAC Large School championships.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Cyrus Evans (distance), Seth Pinkham (throws), Cowen Young (distance/javelin/hurdles), Kodi Quimby (race walk/distance); Junior — Hunter Beach (throws); Sophomores — Craig Bessey (throws), Henri McCourt (distance). Girls: Senior — Moriah Reusch (distance/javelin); Sophomores — Reece Adams (sprints/middle distance), Addie Colello (distance/hurdles), Cassidy Hardy (throws/hurdles), Nora McCourt (distance/hurdles), Natalee Orr (sprints/middle distance/jumps), Brielle Tinker (race walk/middle distance).
Key losses: Boys: Tomas Cundick, Sam Goodspeed, Alex Hardy, Henry Hilton, Grayson Hoeft, Evan Wilcox. Girls: Abbie Cramer, Tameeka Blauvelt, Autumn Hensley, Brynne Robbins, Hali Swiney.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Senior — Nico Barbieri (sprints/jumps/throws); Juniors — Andrew Robinson (middle distance/race walk), Camren Ryder (throws); Sophomores — Wyatt Flagg (sprints/jumps/throws), Stephan Kelleher (throws), Colin Drake (throws); Freshmen — Ben Hatch (distance), Kesley Manenge (sprints/jumps), Colin Woehre-Logan (throws). Girls: Senior — Giulia Johnson (sprints/middle distance); Juniors — Abbey Goodspeed (throws/sprints), Rosella York (sprints); Sophomore — Gabriella Seaberg (distance); Freshmen — Daniela Cundick (throws/jumps), Molly Patterson (throws/jumps/middle distance), Kaitlyn Rosie (throws/sprints), Eliza Stinson (sprints/hurdles/jumps), Elizabeth Strickland (distance), Emeline Young (race walk/sprints/throws).
Season outlook: Cullenberg said she is “thrilled that our teams will have more depth and talent spread throughout a variety of events this season,” thanks to several newcomers. She added that those athletes have been quick to pick up their new events, and there’s good leadership from the returners. “Being one of the smallest Class A schools, our team size may make it more difficult to compete against the larger squads we will face,” Cullenberg said, “but this will also allow us to rise to the challenge of being the best teams that we can be.”

Coaches: Boys: Nate Danforth (24th year). Girls: Luc Roy (17th year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: Fourth at KVAC Large School championships, fifth at Class A states; Girls: Fourth at KVAC Large School championships, 13th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Lincoln Merrill (javelin/sprints), Tanner Bickford (javelin/sprints), Cameron Colby (distance); Juniors — Holden Shaw (throws), Cody Roy (distance); Sophomore — Lucas Hutchinson (distance). Girls: Seniors — Ashley Richardson, Kylie Danforth, Maddy Stack, Kenzie Grenier, Molly Corbett, Sierra Carson, Lilly Brassley; Juniors — Meredith Harthorn, Willow Adler; Sophomores — Kalli Johnson, Natalie Gray, Ella Pelletier.
Key losses: Boys: Nick Plamondon, Brodi Rice, Isaac Roy, Teigan Pelletier, Grey Vanderwood. Girls: Ashley Campbell, Brooklyn Alexander, Jasmine Hayer.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Sophomores — Carlton Dailey, Ben Palmer; Freshman — Jayden Cox. Girls: Freshmen — Lucy Weed, Cedar Worster.
Season outlook: Boys head coach Nate Danforth said the Vikings are looking to their strong core of returners to stay competitive in the KVAC and in the state meet. On the girls side, head coach Luc Roy said the large, and strong, group of seniors gives the Vikings the ability to have depth in many events. That experience will also help the newcomers make gains in their events. The Oxford Hills girls hope to improve their showings from last year’s championship meets.


Coach: Josh Kennison (first year); assistants: Eric Hall (third year), Marcus Devoe (first year), Phil Brienza (sixth year)
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: WMC Division 2 champions, ninth at Class B states; Girls: WMC Division 2 runners-up.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Hunter Brackett, Nick Garey, Nolan Gary, Timothy Gray, Justice Lemont; Juniors — Jon Crump, Dawson Ferguson, Dodge Lafrinea, Cadyn Langlois, Jake Powers, Alerick Sands, Aidan Webb; Sophomores — Jason Garneau, Anthony Warren. Girls: Seniors — Ava Anderson, Breah Beaucage, Brooke Chase, Alexis Corriveau, Olivia Gobel; Juniors — Kansas Chase, Kiley Drake, Tihan Jones, Danielle Warren; Sophomores — Brianna Corriveau, Autumn Demelia, Lilah Doyle, Arianna Gammon, Emma Jones, Bella Laird, Savannah Noyes.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Brayden Brown, Jenna Caron, Ethan Castonguay, George Dionne, Harper Doyle, Mason Dulworth, Madyson Eskuri, Lucas Foss, Damon Howze, Ava Koumounete, Riley Lamb, Cayden Michaud, Ava Ouelette.
Season outlook: With a roster of around 50 athletes, Kennison believes the Knights should have a successful season in terms of team performance and individual showings. The boys team is primed to defend its Division 2 title at the WMC championships, and the girls would like to join them at the top of the podium. There could be individual titles won, as well.

Coaches: Noah Keneborus (first year), Caryn Waceken (first year), Nicole Burgess-Curtis (first year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: Seventh at MVC championships. Girls: 11th at MVCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Caleb Parlin, Daniel Wilson, Matthew Pepe; Juniors — Bryce Marston, Robert Bamford; Sophomore — Alex Ladd. Girls: Senior — Ava Coates; Sophomores — Adria McHugh, Amaya McHugh, Avery Ryder, Axel Corley, Hannah Dube, Hannah Perkins, Katie Johnson, Kenzi Richards, Skylar Condon.
Key losses: Evan Hamblin, Paris Howes.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Junior — Brandon Wilson; Freshmen — Ethan Long-Flagg, Colin Gonzalez. Girls: Senior — Shayna Bonnevie; Sophomores — Grace Espeaignnette, Olivia Tompkins: Freshman — Brianna Prescott.
Season outlook: Three new coaches take the reins of the Phoenix program, which is loaded with underclassmen this season. Keneborus said the coaches have already seen daily improvements from the athletes. The Phoenix had numerous athletes who were on the verge of qualifying for states last season, and the coaches are trying to help them reach those goals this year.

Coaches: Dave Leclerc (21st year), Kat Miracle (2nd year).
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Girls: 13th at MVC championships.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Ronald Brassard (sprints); Sophomores — Kayan DeGrutolla (throws), Jordan Robshaw (throws), Tommy Skinner (throws). Girls: Senior — Autumn Thompson (throws); Junior — Isabella Brassard (sprints); Sophomores — Ella Akers (sprints), Katie Devaney (sprints), Adaline Koskela (sprints), Jocelyn Nivus (distance), Lily Souther (distance), Gabby Thompson (sprints).
Key loss: Jordan Berry (throws).
Promising newcomers: Boys: Gage Berry (throws), Seth Depuis (sprints), Matt Ducette (throws), Joseph Lauria (sprints/jumps), Cyrus Mills (jumps), Evan Parsons (sprints). Girls: Cove Wind (sprints).
Season outlook: The Rebels have only two seniors and a junior, and they will be looked upon to lead what head coach David Leclerc said is a promising group of underclassmen. However, Tesltar also retains most of last year’s team and, Leclerc said, has a chance to show some significant improvement. He added that each athlete offers potential for the postseason meets.

Coaches: Ed Van Tassel (18th year), Cam Fecteau (10th year), Tiff Shaw (fourth year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: MVC runners-up, 16th at Class C states; Girls: MVC runners-up, 17th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — James Cognata (middle distance), Kyle Dionne (jumps), Jacob Barrows (throws), Robert Feeney (sprints), Nick Keezer (sprints); Juniors — Chris Pottle (distance), Teddy Wagner (middle distance), Eben Michaud (distance), Harold Vance (distance); Sophomores — Colton Baird (jumps), Hayden Friedland (sprints), Ian Fuller (throws), Aidan Grant (throws), Hunter Reynolds (throws), Ryan Wells (hurdles), Gage Henderson (throws). Girls: Sophomores — Elizabeth Unangst (middle distance), Madeline Wagner (middle distance), Isabel Folsom (jumps), Morgan Fichthorn (distance), Ashley Arsenault (middle distance), Zion Armstrong (sprints).
Key losses: Boys: Patrick Bellemare, Chase Cloutier: Girls: Averie Silva, Autumn Gerry, Elle Folsom.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Juniors — Sam Brito (middle distance), Gabe Corey (middle distance), David Gustin (throws); Sophomores — Barrett Perkins (throws), Joseph Szakas (race walk); Freshmen — Kolton Chapman (distance), Joshua Ellis (sprints), Jacob Feith (throws), Cooper Grinnell (throws), Luke Hopkins (distance), Ben Porter (sprints), Chan Ring (jumps), Dylan Weymouth (throws). Girls: Juniors — Haley Williams (distance), Alwil Ring (jumps); Sophomores — Abigail Rounds (sprints), Elizabeth Ainsworth (throws); Freshman — Sara True (sprints).
Season outlook: The Winthrop boys return most of last year’s MVC runner-up team, including a few athletes who were members of the St. Dom’s co-op team that won the Class B indoor state title this winter. The girls return a lot of sophomores who were part of last year’s MVC runner-up team add a few new team members as they work remain competitive in the conference.

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