Guns don’t aim themselves and pull their own triggers. Millions of people own guns and don’t choose to shoot others.

More gun laws would only limit law-abiding people from protecting their family or themselves. Laws only work for the people who follow the rules.

Others who are mentally stressed, unheard and determined can and will get guns or weapons when they want to. Laws will not stop them — they don’t care about laws when they are hurting.

Our country has to become proactive concerning mental health issues. Juveniles who’ve been bullied or made fun of need counseling and to be heard — not denied or shamed or discounted. People need a safe place to decompress.

Mental health should be out in the open for any who need help, just like other health issues. We need more mental health workers in schools, at work, to listen to those who are stressed.

People need to feel heard, valued, as other human beings. It’s time to start at the beginning, to treat the causes of “blowing up” — what people have needed for years, not the tools people weaponized to get seen and heard.

If people know someone about to blow up, they need to listen to, and help, that person.

Sheila Richardson, Turner

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