At the recent Lobster Festival, the mayor of Auburn was announcing a band. In his introduction of the members, he stated some were from the “the city across the river that shall not be named.”

At least half of the people in the crowd were from Lewiston, and this is not the first time he has publicly stated his dislike for Lewiston at a community event.

It is concerning, as he is an elected official who should be working to unite the community he is a part of. He even owns investments in Lewiston.

Both Lewiston and Auburn rely heavily on each other, and to constantly share his dislikes on such a public level is only adding to fire of the public view.

Shouldn’t the elected officials on both sides of the river be working to unite our community? With larger issues happening on both sides of the river, why is talking down to Lewiston such a priority?

Camden Jalbert, Lewiston

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