LD 1748 — a bill that would eliminate the requirement for a town to hold a school budget referendum vote unless the district receives a sizeable citizen petition to do that — is another scheme that I feel has been put forward by the teachers unions to raise taxes for the school budget every year without oversight or accountability.

Lewiston’s Rep. Mana Abdi, a Democrat, is the primary sponsor, along with local cosponsors and fellow Democrats Reps. Kristen Cloutier and Margaret Craven, and Sen. Peggy Rotundo.

Can people imagine having their city property taxes going up every year without them even having a say in it? Isn’t inflation doing enough harm on its citizens already — for retired homeowners on fixed incomes, renters who feel they’re paying too much already, and just in general, all taxpayers?

I wonder when the last time was that people heard about taxation without representation. Under LD 1748, taxpayers would be forced to pay whatever their school district says it needs or wants.

Joseph McKinnon, Lewiston

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