Citizens of Auburn need to wake up.

What is wrong with our city leaders? They see money in the short term so they give permission to strip and destroy the land around our drinking water. That will lead to more pollution in the lake and will mean we will have to spend even more tax money for filtration.

Then they want to do away with recycling to add more pollution in our environment, which at this stage for our planet will mean the end of “Maine, the way life should be” because of more plastics dumped into our lands and wells and oceans.

I know in my neighborhood there are a lot more than 7% of households that recycle. Why can’t they make the effort to educate our citizens to recycle?

Now they want to gift a developer a huge tax break so the developer can continue to make money at the expense of Auburn taxpayers.

We need to recall our leaders and find responsible, sane people to lead us into a future that will improve our environment and not destroy it.

Jan Roundy, Auburn

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