Advocates for abortion call me anti-abortion. I am pro-life; here’s why.

Before we are born, or conceived, we already have a God-given destiny, and all our days are written in a book. Isn’t it wonderful that we are known, even before being formed in our mother’s womb?

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, state lawmakers now decide the fate of the unborn. Elections have consequences. Who will protect the lives of the most innocent among us?

Current law in Maine is already very broad, and will cover abortion procedures even after 24 weeks, when a baby is viable, if deemed medically necessary concerning the life of the mother. LD 1619, Gov. Mills’ abortion bill, would make it more extreme, allowing abortion to nine months with a qualified medical professional’s approval. It would also decriminalize the procedure if done by an unlicensed person.

Pro-choice, abortion supporters were once saying, “abortion should be safe and rare.” Well, not so anymore, as they want abortion for any reason, any time, and they want us to pay for it. About 2,200 people showed up to speak out for life on May 1 at the State House, of whom about 700 stayed all day and night waiting to testify against this heinous bill.

Sixty-five percent of Mainers don’t support late-term abortion. Will Mainers stand up, speaking out for the most innocent, who cannot speak for themselves? Who will be next in the slaughtering, if deemed inconvenient — the elderly?

When people vote, they should remember what Democrats are doing right now.

Renee Fortin, Lewiston

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