LIVERMORE — Selectpersons Tuesday night, May 23, discussed what should be included on new signs to be erected at Brettuns Pond beach and asked for additional information.

“We have a new [beach] ordinance so we can actually enforce stuff down there,” Selectperson Scott Richmond said. “If the Sheriff’s Department drives by and sees someone there after dark, they can now stop and enforce it. We need to have some new signs. I’m not talking little ones.”

Having pictures on the signs was suggested by Richmond.

When asked, he said no dogs or other pets are allowed on the beach.

Aluminum signs that are reflective, perhaps green background with white letters were also suggested by Richmond. Green and white are the town colors, green would blend in with the scenery and white lettering would stand out, he noted.

The beach ordinance [approved 148-27 by voters at the April 25 annual Town Meeting by referendum] states regular opening and close of day will be approved by the municipal officers.


Discussion on when that should be brought up that the time of day might be more useful than listing the beach being open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Also mentioned were that there are a lot of problems after dark, and dawn might be too early to open at some times of the year.

Other things suggested for the signs include:

• Carry in/carry out policy

• No motorized vehicles allowed on the beach from the rocks over

• No glass bottles/containers

• Children are not allowed to swim in disposable diapers


• Children under 12 must be accompanied by someone 16 or older

• No use of shampoo/soap

• No fires allowed

• No tents/overnight camping

• Alcohol/illegal drugs/tobacco are prohibited

The signs would be ordered from White Signs in Old Town. Most towns order signs there, they can make any sign requested, Richmond said.


The beach is open to Livermore residents and taxpayers only. The new ordinance also notes that beach passes may be required. It was noted the passes could be created by the company doing the transfer station ones, having them done in the town office – if a laminating machine was available – or having White Signs do them. More information will also be obtained on this matter.

The ordinance also notes the formation of a committee to help oversee things at the beach such as trash pick up. It will be made up of two selectpersons, the administrative assistant and two Livermore residents. It was suggested that Selectperson Brett Deyling be on the committee and that a member of the Brettuns Pond Association be asked to serve.

Anyone interested in serving on the committee is asked to contact the town office during business hours, 897-3207.

“The waters in our town are our biggest resources,” Selectperson Joshua Perkins said. “We have got to keep those protected.”

In other business, Perkins asked about the transfer station. He owns property in Livermore Falls, said he uses that one because the rules in Livermore are so strict. He asked if he could research the issue

“We are just breaking even, other towns aren’t,” Chair Mark Chretien stated. “We aren’t going to change [the contract], we have already done it.”


Chretien said Perkins could look into the matter.

“Regular trash, we split that, it comes out of our taxes,” Richmond noted. “Building debris, air conditioners, refrigerators, that is what costs.

Perkins told of three things he had taken to Livermore Falls that could be placed in trash or recycling after he would have been charged $5 each for them in Livermore.

Chretien noted that difference is due to what Livermore’s contract requires.

“We signed a three-year contract, that is how ours is set up,” Richmond stated. “It’s a lot cheaper. Whatever we are charging is what it costs to get rid of [things]. We aren’t making any money.”


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