ANDOVER — Andover Selectmen Brian Mills, Joe Luce and Justin Thacker have signed a warrant for Annual Town Meeting to be held Saturday, June 10, at Town Hall at 8 a.m.

The town’s fiscal year 2023-24 municipal budget begins July 1.

Some highlights include:

•  Article 12 which recommends $70,786 be raised and/or appropriated for the transfer station. The budget amount for the transfer station was $62,000 in 2022-23.

•  Article 14 requests $11,000 to purchase a 40- yard container or recycling container for materials at the transfer station.

•  Article 17, to raise or appropriate monies for highway operations requests $76,500 for summer roads highway operations and includes monies for Upton Road culvert replacement. According to the warrant, the budget amount for summer road work was $46,500 this year. According to mills the culverts are 25-plus years old and many are failing.


•  Article 19 requests $4,947 to be raised or appropriated for the electrical upgrade of the town garage. According to the warrant, $1,085 will be reimbursed through grant money from Efficiency Maine after the project is completed.

•  Article 51 asks to purchase markers or a fence for town properties: the Hook and Ladder property, fire station and baseball field. The draft warrant does not list the amount requested for the projects.

•  Question: Article 53 requests $11,400 for the public bathroom committee for the bathroom renovation at the Fire Department for public access and article 54 requests $2,400 for a handicapped portable bathroom rental for one year. Residents approved the $11,400 for public bathrooms at the fire station last year but the request for another $10,000 for the project was not approved by voters.

•  Question: Article 58 asks the town to approve a capital improvement project for the reconstruction of East Andover Road not to exceed $900,000. According to Mills the entire road needs culverts, reclaiming, gravel and paving, the 900k is an estimate.

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