100 Years Ago: 1923

The ribbon of concrete that runs from Lewiston and Auburn to Gray and on into Portland, the greatest stretch of road in Maine of its kind and one of the wonder roads of New England was officially and affectionately dedicated to the service of the state on Friday morning.

A long train of automobiles and trucks moved out from Union Square at Lewiston at 9:19 o’clock in the morning to the strains of a lively march played by the Brigade band in a big passenger carrying “bus,” and when the long line had passed thru streets lines with people, the business section of Lewiston stripped of cars and so in Auburn, after the gigantic parade had passed thru streets lined with people onto the concrete road.

50 Years Ago: 1973

House Republicans made clear on Thursday that they want President Nixon to re-establish the office of special Watergate prosecutor. Similar proposals were advanced by members of both parties in the Senate. But Congress is not leaving the matter solely to Nixon. Dozens of bills have been introduced in the House and Senate that would establish an independent prosecutor’s office and prompt action is being planned in both bodies.

Overwhelming support for re-establishing the special prosecutor’s office was expressed by the GOP House members at a meeting with White House aides and lawyers who promised to give the message to Nixon.


25 Years Ago: 1998

The coyote is a cocky kind of critter with a reputation as a cunning crook, but one proved to be less than wily when he took on 80-year-old Marcel Roy. Actually, Roy believes there’s a whole family of coyotes living in the woods near his home, the last one on the street that runs past Walton School. The pack has nearly wiped out the squirrels that scurry about Roy’s yard, and that got him mad. “At one point this fall, we counted 18 squirrels running around the garden out there,” he said Friday afternoon. “Now we’re down to three, just a mother and her two young’uns, and I don’t know how much longer they’re gonna be around?”

Roy decided that besides getting mad, he was going to get even The coyotes were dealing with a man who’s trapped animals since he was 9. “I put out a trap there in the garden yesterday and there was one in it when I went out this morning.” The coyote was a young male, about half grown, and was none too happy about getting caught. Roy didn’t want to talk about how the animal was killed, saying many animal lovers are sensitive to such details. “Those people should know, though, that I just saved a lot of squirrels and rabbits in these woods by catching this coyote.”

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