To the Editor:

Over 100 years ago, in 1875, the Maine Legislature voted to omit sections of the Maine Constitution from all printed versions. These were the sections that had governed the separation of Maine from Massachusetts, and these sections included language about Maine’s original treaty obligations to the Wabanaki.

It is important to note that existing printed versions of the Constitution clearly state that these omitted sections “remain in full force” (see Maine Constitution, Article 10, Section 7) however, since 1875, students of the Constitution, including schoolchildren, and citizens of Maine have not had access to these sections.

They represent an important part of Maine history and should be added back in. Question 6 on the November ballot does this – it changes nothing in any legal sense, as these provisions remain in force – it simply makes an important part of Maine history accessible to all.

Don’t forget to vote, and vote “Yes” on Question 6!Shirley HagerChesterville

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