In an emotional presentation, Jared Golden indicated that he was changing his position on assault weapons and would work with any colleague to ban them.  It was a stunning announcement, and, he admitted, the result of the impact of the mass murder in his home town.

It was apparent that he had done some “soul searching” and came to a conclusion that would not only impact him personally, but politically as well.  That takes courage rarely seen in politics.  Kudos, Jared.

I voted for Jared.  I have not always agreed with him, but I have always respected his obvious careful and thoughtful approach to decision making. By making this decision on assault weapons, he risks alienating many of his constituents. Nonetheless, he has made a potentially life-saving decision.

Hopefully he will also examine ways to change/improve the mental health system in this county. Done well, this recent tragedy might have been avoided.

These are not separate issues; they are inextricably connected and should not be allowed to be dictated by political intrigue and lobbyists.

Rick McIlveen, Lewiston

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