Maxx Hathaway had two daughters, one 11, one 19 months old. His wife is pregnant with their third, due in December.

Maxx Hathaway Photo courtesy of Department of Public Safety

She and their youngest were at Schemengees Bar & Grille with him on Oct. 25, but Brenda went home with their toddler while he stayed behind to play pool.

Pool was a passion of Maxx’s. He also loved anime and gaming, sister Kelsay Hathaway wrote in a GoFundMe page to help support his wife and children.

“He was a goofy, down to earth person, loved to joke around and always had an uplifting attitude no matter what was going on,” his sister wrote.

Maxx didn’t mind being the only male in his young family, his obituary said: “He was proud to sport a shirt that proclaimed, ‘You don’t scare me. I have three daughters and a wife.’ ”

Nichole Crowley grew up across the street from a young Maxx and had known him since he was 7, she posted on Facebook.


“You lived across the street from us and you practically lived in our home,” she wrote. “I remember play fighting with swords, jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek in the dark, and the list goes on and on.”

She said her father had become an ordained minister to marry Maxx and his wife.

“He was so proud of  you and the man you turned out to be,” Crowley wrote. “He told me how much he loved watching you grow into your role as a father and loving husband. He spoke about you and your beautiful family often.”

Maxx, who was 35, had recently been a stay-at-home dad while he worked to earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance, his family said in a statement. He got his diploma from the University of Southern Maine in the mail on the day of the shooting, they said.

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