DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know where one can buy a “Lewiston Strong” T-shirt? I am sure there must be a lot of places, but thought you could assist me. — Liz, Minot

ANSWER: Several wonderful individuals have created Lewiston-branded T-shirts and other apparel to raise money for those impacted by the Oct. 25 mass shooting. Among them are Rogue Life Maine’s “Lewiston Strong” shirts; Natalie Beaudoin’s “We Are Lew1ston” design; and Bates students’ take on a “Lewiston Strong” design featuring a silhouette of Maine with a heart over Lewiston.

T-shirts and sweatshirts can be purchased at Lewiston’s Rogue Life Maine through its website:

A different style can be found by another designer here: and there are many options on, but I am uncertain if the proceeds are going towards helping the victims’ families on some of the sites, so keep that in mind.

For those who wish to recognize the impact of this tragedy on the whole of Maine, there are also “Maine Strong” T-shirts and hoodies.

One design (a solid-colored silhouette of the state with a heart over Lewiston) T-shirts and sweatshirts of various colors can be found at Salt & Pine Company in Westbrook (


Another design consisting of 18 stars (representing those who were killed joining the North Star and 13 blueberries (representing those injured) was conceived by architect Eric Wittman. These shirts are being sold by the Knickerbocker Group. You can order those items here:–18-stars/ until Nov. 30.

With all products, net proceeds are being donated to Maine Community Foundation’s Lewiston-Auburn Response Fund and will go to the victims’ families.

Readers, if you see “Lewiston Strong” or “Maine Strong” apparel and items in shops as you’re out and about, please let me know right away.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a 6-foot factory-wired (lights) spruce Christmas tree complete with a stand and storage bag. I also have a complete bedside commode for anyone in need. Both items have never been used and are free. Please call me at 207-786-3484. If I do not answer, please leave a message. Hopefully, someone can use these items. — Joe, Auburn

ANSWER: I am sure someone will scoop these items right up. If I am wrong and you do not hear from anyone, please get back to me and I will help you find a home for them.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a marble top parlor table from the 1880s that belonged to my wife’s great-great-grandfather. I am looking for the history of this piece. The card under the marble top notes “L.L. Blake Co. Louis Tun.” I would like to know who made this table, etc., then put the facts together and present it to my wife. She feels quite sentimental about this piece of furniture. — Marc, no town

ANSWER: Your best bet is to contact an antique appraiser or dealer. Two choices are Jim Talbot at Charles M. Talbot Associates, located at 55 Poplar Hill Road in Turner (, 207-225-3797, and Daniel B. Soules at Daniel Buck Auctions, Inc. (, 207-407-1444) at 501 Lisbon St. in Lisbon Falls.

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