Carl Sheline needs Lewiston residents’ votes in the upcoming runoff election.

Mayor Sheline has been very active in Lewiston, meeting with people and attending many events. He has tolerated the constant attacks from several city councilors, who have been defeated.

Sheline has an opponent who served in the Maine State Legislature, but his attendance was not very good. People can check out his attendance and voting records. His records clearly indicate that he should not be elected for the position of mayor.

Sheline would continue to be a good representative for all the citizens in Lewiston.

We clearly need more senior housing. We also need more affordable housing for all, and to help our students who are homeless, and continue working to address the issue of homelessness and help new citizens to increase their participation in activities within Lewiston.

Mayor Sheline is a good leader.

I hope residents vote.

Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston

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