SALEM TOWNSHIP — Payton Mitchell led the way as Mt. Abram remained unbeaten with an 85-56 Class C South boys basketball victory over Dirigo on Friday.

Mitchell scored 30 points, including 22 in the first half. Cam Grey finished with 21 points for the Roadrunners (10-0), while Bryce Wilcox had 11 points and Logan Dube chipped in 10.

Dakota White led the Cougars (6-4) with 16 points, and Nathaniel Wainwright scored 14.

WINTHROP 40, MADISON 36: Winthrop outscored Madison by five points in the second half to earn a victory in Madison.

The Ramblers outscored the Bulldogs 20-15 after halftime. Cole Bard had 12 points for Winthrop (7-5), while Carter Rivers tallied nine.

Madison (6-4) was led by Ethan Linkletter with 13 points and Deacon Murray with 10.


MARANACOOK 81, LISBON 43: Keegan McClure’s 18 points led the Black Bears (11-1) past the Greyhounds (1-11) in Lisbon.

McClure was one of four Maranacook players to score in double digits. Brandon Chilton and Wyatt Folsom finished with 16 apiece, and Elijah Freeman had 12 points.

Keeghan Morrissette was Lisbon’s top scorer with 16 points.

WAYNFLETE 62, POLAND 36: Jed Alsup led the Flyers (8-3) with 17 points in a win over the Knights (1-9) at Poland.

Ishan Reese chipped in with 11 points.

Damon Martin scored 20 points for Poland.


MT. BLUE 78, CONY 66: Evan Sterling led the Cougars (11-0) with 32 points in the win over the Rams (4-7) in Farmington.

Carter Norton scored 19 points and Charles Stevens chipped in 10 points in the win.

Parker Morin led Cony with 22 and Parker Sargent was right behind him with 20.

SPRUCE MOUNTAIN 74, TELSTAR/GOULD 39: Jace Bessey paced the Phoenix’s (9-3) offense with 26 points in a win over the Rebels (4-6) in Jay.

Bessey made four 3-pointers and six free throws. Cai Dougher added 19 points for Spruce Mountain.

Reiley Hedden led Telstar with 14 points, and Brody Morgan dropped in 10 points.


VALLEY 78, BUCKFIELD 34: Harry Louis led the Cavaliers (7-3) with 28 points and Fisher Tewksbury dropped in 27 points in the win over the Bucks (4-7) in Buckfield.

Gaven Parsons led Buckfield with 10 points.

LEWISTON 53, OXFORD HILLS 41: Abdirahman Dakane paced the Blue Devils (4-9) with 16 points in the win over the Vikings (4-7) in Paris.

Lonnie Thomas notched 11 points in the win.

Holden Shaw led Oxford Hills with 14 points.

MEDOMAK VALLEY 64, LEAVITT 27: The Panthers (12-1) jumped out to a 24-4 first-quarter lead and easily handled the Hornets (3-9) at Waldoboro.


Gabe Lash led Medomak Valley with 23 points, while Kory Donlan added 18.

Reid Langlois scored eight points for Leavitt.

WINDHAM 68, EDWARD LITTLE 54: Blake McPherson made four of his six 3-pointers in the first half and led the Eagles (11-1) with 20 points in a victory over the Red Eddies (3-10) in Auburn.

Creighty Dickson had 16 points and 13 rebounds, and Adrian Moody scored 10 of his 15 points in the first half to help Windham open a 37-23 lead.

Marshal Adams paced Edward Little with 23 points, including five 3-pointers. Eli St. Laurent (12 points) and Diing Maiwen (10) also reached double figures.

OAK HILL 52, BOOTHBAY 37: Eli Desmond had a game-high 24 points for the Raiders (2-9) in the win over the Seahawks (3-11) in Wales.


PJ Smith chipped in with 11 points and Landen Denis had 10.

Luke Morley led Boothbay with 12 points and Finn Harkins had 10.

VALLEY 81, BUCKFIELD 21: Madeline Hill scored 24 points and had eight steals to lead the Cavaliers to the win in Buckfield.

Kiersten Bigelow added 16 points, seven rebounds and seven steals for Valley (13-0) while Liana Hartwell chipped in 15 points, seven steals and five assists.

Buckfield (4-6) was led by Sarae Devoe with eight points.

WAYNFLETE 39, POLAND 30: Lauren McNutt-Girouard scored 17 points, including four 3-pointers, and the Flyers (9-2) broke away in the second half against the Knights (6-6) in Portland.


Lucy Hart finished with 10 points and Ayla Stutzman added seven for Waynflete, which outscored Poland 21-12 in the second half.

Althea Thornton led Poland with 14 points, aided by four 3-pointers.

MEDOMAK VALLEY 40, LEAVITT 27: Kytana Williamson led the Panthers (10-3) with 16 points in a victory over the Hornets (4-8) in Turner.

Jordyn Boulay led Leavitt with nine points, and Caitlyn McCoy had seven.

BANGOR/NARRAGUAGUS 3, LEWISTON 0: Ty Walker scored twice in the Rams’ (8-1) win over the Blue Devils (8-3) at Sawyer Arena in Bangor.

Walker gave Bangor a 1-0 lead in the second stanza and Zachary Cota also scored in the middle frame. Walker notched a-third period goal.

Jackson Guimond had two assists.

Cody McCue made 27 saves to earn a shutout and Gabe Pomerleau made 26 saves in the loss.

Cony at Lewiston
1. Cony 92. 2, Lewiston 32.
1. Cony 60. 2, Lewiston 14.
Girls 200 Medley Relay
1, Cony ‘A’ (Orth, Anabelle; Choate, Lillianna; Kennard, Emily; Dinkel, Logan), 2:12.08. 2, Lewiston ‘A’ (Roy, Gabby; Douglas, Lily; Cloutier, Klara; Tremblay, Chloe), 2:23.78. 3, Cony ‘B’ (Blair, Emma; Buccellato, Emma; Goonesekere, Rekha; Bilodeau, Alyssa), 3:10.15.
Boys 200 Medley Relay
1, Cony ‘A’ (Russell, Jameson; Hardy, Matteo; Ramkissoon, Raiden; DeJongh, Reid), 2:06.37.
Girls 200 Freestyle
1, Burnham, Addison (CONY) 2:15.79. 2, Foster, Emily (CONY) 2:21.09. 3, Cloutier, Klara (LEW) 2:26.84.
Boys 200 Freestyle
1, Russell, Jameson (CONY) 2:07.09. 2, DeJongh, Reid (CONY) 2:18.61. 3, Mohamed, Hamdi (LEW) 3:27.75.
Girls 50 Freestyle
1, Kennard, Emily (CONY) 28.56. 2, Dinkel, Logan (CONY) 29.19. 3, Douglas, Lily (LEW) 31.21. 4, Tremblay, Chloe (LEW) 32.51. 5, Ninganza, Carelle (LEW) 43.76. 6, Gove, Alannah (CONY) 52.36. –, Goonesekere, Rekha (CONY) X37.22. –, Kelley, Cora (CONY) X38.48. –, Diket, Jordan (CONY) X40.20. –, Bilodeau, Alyssa (CONY) X40.99. –, Blair, Emma (CONY) X44.27. –, Park, Hyona (CONY) X48.08. –, Tancrede, Angelia (LEW) X51.26. –, Lozis, Kate (LEW) X51.56.
Boys 50 Freestyle
1, Ramkissoon, Raiden (CONY) 25.08. 2, Ndoko Mvundo, Pedro (LEW) 35.00.
Girls 100 Butterfly
1, Burnham, Addison (CONY) 1:14.16. 2, Kennard, Emily (CONY) 1:16.58.
Boys 100 Butterfly
1, Hardy, Matteo (CONY) 1:10.75.
Girls 100 Freestyle
1, Orth, Anabelle (CONY) 59.46. 2, Foster, Emily (CONY) 1:03.92. 3, Cloutier, Klara (LEW) 1:07.42. 4, Tremblay, Chloe (LEW) 1:11.82. 5, Ninganza, Carelle (LEW) 1:44.91. 6, Gove, Alannah (CONY) 2:01.91. –, Lozis, Kate (LEW) X2:06.55. –, Tancrede, Angelia (LEW) X2:14.27.
Boys 100 Freestyle
1, Russell, Jameson (CONY) 56.95. 2, DeJongh, Reid (CONY) 1:01.35. 3, Ndoko Mvundo, Pedro (LEW) 1:29.84.
Girls 200 Freestyle Relay
1, Cony ‘A’ (Choate, Lillianna; Foster, Emily; Dinkel, Logan; Burnham, Addison), 1:54.61. 2, Cony ‘C’ (Buccellato, Emma; Kelley, Cora; Goonesekere, Rekha; Geneseo, Bailey), 2:37.83. 3, Lewiston ‘A’ (Roy, Gabby; Ninganza, Carelle; Tancrede, Angelia; Lozis, Kate), 3:06.68. 4, Cony ‘B’ (Blair, Emma; Diket, Jordan; Gove, Alannah; Park, Hyona), x3:08.10.
Boys 200 Freestyle Relay
1, Cony ‘A’ (Ramkissoon, Raiden; Hardy, Matteo; DeJongh, Reid; Russell, Jameson), 1:47.88.
Girls 100 Backstroke
1, Orth, Anabelle (CONY) 1:07.72. 2, Roy, Gabby (LEW) 1:09.98. 3, Douglas, Lily (LEW) 1:20.31. 4, Goonesekere, Rekha (CONY) 1:43.20. 5, Geneseo, Bailey (CONY) 1:46.85.
Boys 100 Backstroke
1, Ramkissoon, Raiden (CONY) 1:05.97. 2, Mohamed, Hamdi (LEW) 2:05.42.
Girls 100 Breaststroke
1, Dinkel, Logan (CONY) 1:15.82. 2, Choate, Lillianna (CONY) 1:26.00. 3, Buccellato, Emma (CONY) 2:07.20.
Boys 100 Breaststroke
1, Hardy, Matteo (CONY) 1:30.72.
Girls 400 Freestyle Relay
1, Cony ‘A’ (Kennard, Emily; Foster, Emily; Burnham, Addison; Orth, Anabelle), 4:15.75. 2, Lewiston ‘A’ (Cloutier, Klara; Tremblay, Chloe; Douglas, Lily; Roy, Gabby), 4:40.76.

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