TURNER — The Select Board reappointed Alan Holbrook to a three-year term on the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission on Tuesday.

Holbrook told selectmen how difficult it has become to protect local waterways and water bodies after the excessive rain in the past year.

A retention pond on the back side of Little Wilson Pond was damaged during a rainstorm last December, Holbrook said. Water gushed down the steep bank into the pond. The retention pond is supposed to help protect Little Wilson Pond, which is connected to Lake Auburn, from phosphorus runoff.

It was not clear at first who was responsible for repairs to the retention pond, he said. Fortin Construction Inc., which built the pond, ended up repairing it.

A homeowners’ association in the area was supposed to be responsible for the retention pond, but none has been set up in the area yet, Town Manager Kurt Schaub said. The town is allowed to make repairs to the retention pond, if necessary, but others should be stepping up first, he said.

There will be annual water testing at Little Wilson Pond to ensure that the retention pond is functioning properly, Holbrook said.


Residents in Lewiston and Auburn get their water from Lake Auburn. Because the water is so clean, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued Lewiston and Auburn waivers from filtration. That waiver has kept costs down for customers, according to the commission’s website.

Select Board members discussed paving and road construction that needs to be completed before the fiscal year ends in June.

Construction on about four roads was completed last year, Chairman Kurt Youland said during the meeting. The other roads the town hopes to complete before June include Johnson Hill, Trask, Tidswell, Allen, Snell Hill and Aspen roads, and the Fern Street/Wood Street intersection. If funds are left, the town will start construction on Merrills Mill Road.

The town spent $314,931.60 on road construction last year, with $285,068.40 left for the rest of the repairs, Schaub said.

However, Youland said he was concerned that it might not be enough to finish all of the work.

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