At an Ohio campaign rally on March 18, former president Donald Trump assured the gathering that if he isn’t re-elected, there’ll be “a bloodbath for the country” and “that’ll be the least of it.”

True to form, he’s griped that that comment has been taken out of context: He was referring to the dismantling of America’s auto industry due to “crooked” Joe Biden’s electric car mandate.

But lurking behind his seemingly straightforward campaign comment is a galling truth:  “He wants another January 6  …,” as Biden remarked. Exactly; he was signaling his troops. How else explain the odd, dissonant use of the word “bloodbath” to describe a dismantling? Didn’t he goad the insurrectionists to “fight like hell,” and wasn’t there bloodshed, death and a gallows? 

And what might “that’ll be the least of it” portend?

I put nothing past that sickening farce of a patriot.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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