LIVERMORE — The town is the first in Androscoggin County to formally adopt the county’s updated Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, which is one requirement for applying for and/or receiving federal grants for four programs.

Since March 15, Poland, Greene and county commissioners have also adopted the resolution, Angela Molino, director of Androscoggin County Emergency Management Agency, said. The remaining jurisdictions are in the process of formal adoption, she said.

Androscoggin County Emergency Management staff, all 14 jurisdictions and various stakeholders developed the plan, Molino said, with some state, local and regional partners contributing to it.

“The 2024 update to the Androscoggin County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan was prepared by the Androscoggin County Emergency Management Agency and in accordance with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000,” Molino said. The act requires states and local governments to prepare hazard mitigation plans to remain eligible to receive pre-disaster mitigation grants available in the wake of federally declared disasters, she said.

The Androscoggin County plan is multi-jurisdictional with county EMAs coordinating with local governments. The Androscoggin County Emergency Management Agency is the lead in this effort, with assistance from planning teams.

Selectpersons signed the authorization for Maine Emergency Management Agency to adopt the county plan that will hopefully be approved by FEMA, Administrative Assistant Carrie Judd noted March 22.

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