The presidential campaigns are underway. We as voters have a huge responsibility to choose the next president of the United States.

There is a large divide among Americans at this point in time. I believe much of that is determined by where each of us get our information — printed media, broadcast TV, cable TV, podcasts and social media, just to name a few.

Social media is probably the least reliable, as anyone can post what they want and there is no way to determine what is true and what is just someone’s opinion.

Our task as responsible voters is to determine which source is the most dependable. Some sources offer misinformation, lies or even conspiracy theories. Some offer facts that are verifiable and accurate.

Our job is to observe all sources to determine and prove to ourselves what is true and what is false. Fact checking is not always easy, but we need to find information from many reliable sources to be sure the information is accurate.

The primaries are basically over, and now it is down to two major candidates, one Democrat and one Republican.

Voters should do their homework to determine which one will do the best job for America and the world.

They should do their homework and get out and vote.

Ken Johnson, Buckfield

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