War is the worst that we humans can inflict on each other. Hamas, like that Russian megalomaniac Vladimir Putin, illegally invaded a neighboring country, causing widespread death and destruction.

Hamas knows that Israel will always defend itself. Once the Hamas leaders got their families safely out of the country, they brutally attacked their neighbor, knowing full well that the Palestinians would become cannon fodder.

Hamas cowardly hides itself in hospitals and other civilian areas. I’ve also heard that Hamas seizes humanitarian aid for itself rather than have it evenly distributed among all the population.

Hamas may be slick users of the media platforms, portraying its members as poor victims. Palestinians may be sadly dying in droves because of Hamas’ inhumane campaign of resisting humanitarian aid to keep their death tolls up.

Atrocities are unfortunately part of war on both parties.

I feel sorry for us Americans who fall for Hamas’ propaganda. When the war is over, I hope our politicians resist the urge to help rebuild Gaza and let the Iranians and other middle eastern countries, who gladly arm Hamas, spend their own money cleaning their mess.

The sad thing is that Christians, Jews and Muslims all pray to the same God. I believe that humans, consumed by greed and who are power hungry, will self destruct.

God just has to sit back and do nothing.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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