WILTON — After weeks of meeting with department heads and crunching the numbers, the Wilton Select Board and Finance Committee are moving forward with their 2024/2025 fiscal budget.

The Select Board and Finance Committee finalized the town’s budget at a special meeting on Monday, April 1, at the Wilton Town Office.

For total government operations, $4.9 million is being budgeted for general government, public safety, public works, recreation and social services, and community service. The town anticipates $2.2 million in revenue this year and will be appropriating $400,000 in undesignated funds towards parts of the budget.

Wilton’s Public Works Department, which covers highway maintenance, vehicle repairs and cemetery maintenance, budgeted $2,232,500, with $351,850 being appropriated towards the cemetery account, equipment purchases, and capitol accounts for the public works building and the transfer station.

A member of the Finance Committee asked Public Works Foreman John Masse at a meeting on Monday, March 25, if FEMA had reimbursed the town for the damages reported from the four different storms that occurred starting in December 2022.

Masse stated that reimbursement from the December 2022 had not been received yet but should be received in the coming weeks. The department is still waiting for reimbursement for the storms in May, June and December of 2023.


Town Manager Maria Greeley also shared that funds for an upcoming sidewalk paving project on Depot Street were also being allocated to a paving account. The project is not expected to begin until 2025, but the cost may be split between the town and the state, according to Greeley.

For Wilton Public Safety, $1,481,227 is budgeted between the fire and police department, with $32,500 in undesignated funds being appropriated towards capital improvement, vehicle maintenance and a new fire engine.

Wilton Fire and Rescue Chief Sonny Dunham told the Select Board and Finance Committee $32,000 was already allocated in an account for a new fire engine last year.

According to Dunham, one of the fire trucks will be 20 years old by 2026 and he is starting the process of building funds for a replacement engine now in the hopes of having a new truck by 2030. He stated after paperwork is finished, there is a 36 to 48 month waiting period before the department receives the truck.

“That’s standard right now,” Dunham told the board and committee members. “That’s the way it is.”

For the police department, Chief of Police Ethan Kyes shared with board and committee members he budgeted $24,000 for eight new Tasers to replace the ones they currently have, which he said were purchased in used condition from a police department in Tennessee.


“They’re older than the ones we had that were no longer working,” he commented.

Kyes also budgeted for a new police cruiser for the department’s new officer, adding that since the department has moved away from sharing police cruisers, it has seen a drop in funds spent on vehicle maintenance.

In the Parks and Recreation budget, Parks and Rec Director Jordan Schanck shared that he had budgeted for an administrative assistant to help with the department’s office duties as well as develop a modern registration system.

“We’re still doing a very antiquated registration system,” Schanck shared. “We do everything in paper and pen.”

Schanck said by getting an administrative assistant, more events can be planned and the opportunity for the department to expand into other types of programs geared towards adults would be made possible.

Greeley shared with The Livermore Falls Advertiser the warrant articles should be written and ready for Select Board approval by the end of April. Wilton’s annual town meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 17.


• TOTAL REVENUE: $2,204,026

Excise taxes: $693,000

Licenses, permits, and fees: $41,200

Intergovernmental: $1,319,326

Charges for services: $56,500

Other revenues: $94,000



Undesignated: $400,000

TIF districts: $128,183

Trust funds: $207,000


General government: $823,967


Public safety: $1,481,227

Public works: $2,232,500

Recreation & social services: $378,879

Community services: $45,524


Elected officials: $9,000


Planning and code enforcement: $78,592

Administration: $460,500

Town office building: $30,000

Revaluation/equalization capital account: $10,000

Assessing services: $43,875

Contingent & legal: $22,000


Insurance: $153,000

Pension & benefits reserve: $17,000

• TOTAL PUBLIC WORKS: $2,232,500

Highway department: $1,299,200

Public works building: $53,000

Capital paving budget: $464,000


Recycling/transfer station: $336,975

Cemeteries: $77,325

Town infrastructure: $2,000


Fire department: $263,390

Police department: $872,080


Public safety building: $58,150

Other public safety: $287,607


General assistance: $6,000

Animal control: $19,904

Health officer: $350


Recreation program: $154,675

Parks and facilities: $65,000

Library: $132,950



Wilton food pantry: $3,000


Safe Voices: $3,200

LifeFlight: $959

• TOTAL TOWN-WIDE: $3,475,287 [3.4% increase]

Debt Service: $0

County tax: $575,287

Education: $2,900,000

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