I saw that Rep. Laurel Libby reached 10,000 Facebook followers. I couldn’t help but think what an amazing feat that is.

For someone who was not involved in politics until the 2020 election cycle, she has sure made a name for herself. I have a feeling that some people might not know who their legislators are, but they will say they know who Laurel Libby is.

Why is that? I think it is because she has, time and again, brought the voice of the people of Maine to Augusta. She is transparent on her Facebook page, and Mainers go to her for firsthand news from Augusta.

I am so grateful that she is my representative, and I know many others who are not in her district but back her 100%.

Congratulations to Laurel on such an amazing accomplishment. May she keep fighting for the voice of the people.

Beth Crafts Bell, Auburn

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