A Greek pizza is sliced Wednesday at George’s Pizza at 563 Center St. in Auburn. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Every time my wife and I get to hankering for pizza, the war begins. 

I’d be happy with a simple pepperoni pie from Lewiston House of Pizza, but she’s grown fond of pizza from Cibo down there in the basement of the Auburn Public Library. 

We both like George’s in Auburn — I mean, who doesn’t? — but do we want to brave Center Street traffic at this hour? 

My wife will try to restore peace by compromising and suggesting Domino’s Pizza. She likes their pie just fine, while I haven’t enjoyed Domino’s since the 1980s.

I’ll respond by suggesting the Pizza Market in Auburn, but again, do we really want to brave Longley Bridge traffic to get over there from Lewiston? 

She’ll throw out Sam’s Italian, with stores all over the place here in Lewiston, as an option. We both like Sam’s pizza and we always order them well done. 


But there’s also Ward’s Market on Pine Street in Lewiston, which runs frequent deals on really good pizza. Or we could head the other way and order from the House of Pizza in Lisbon. Or the House of Pizza in Sabattus. 

And what about Antigoni’s? or Luiggi’s? Or Webb’s Market? 

In the end, we usually just declare a truce and eat sandwiches for dinner. 

A Greek pizza is dressed Wednesday at George’s Pizza at 563 Center St. in Auburn. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

At the newspaper, we decided to informally poll our readers to reveal what pizza places are the most popular here in the Twin Cities region and find out if we’re missing some real cheese-topped treasures out there. Mind you, we’re not trying to make a high-falutin’ BEST PIZZA AROUND kind of declaration and it’s a good thing. As it happens, there are a whole lot of places to get pizza in this area and every spot, from the big chains to the corner varieties, has its fans. 

If any one pizza joint got more votes than others, it’s George’s Pizza in Auburn, and that shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. In 1992, George’s Pizza won the first ever “Taste Of L/A Pizza Challenge” and went on to win it every year the contest was held. 

At George’s, only fresh and high quality ingredients are used and they make their pizza dough daily. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working. 


“Our family have been going to George’s Pizza on Center Street in Auburn for decades,” says Shanti Rausch of Auburn. “Their friendly staff and excellent service complements their consistently great pizza. The crust has good flavor and chew, the sauce bursting with flavor and just the right amount of cheese. No competition. Best in town.” 

Wheeler’s Market at 107 South Main St. in Auburn got a reader shout-out for its pepperoni pizza. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Ann Passalaqua St. Hilaire doesn’t even live in this area anymore and she’s still raving about George’s pizza pie. 

“Still have not found pizza in Florida that is remotely as good as George’s,” she says. “We will be in Maine soon and a trip to George’s is on the top of our list.” 

Dan Charest of Lewiston deems George’s not just the best pie in the area, but “the best pizza ever!”


Asked for his secret to great pizza, owner George Stamboules says it’s mainly about consistency.


“I think it starts with the thousands of great hard-working people we’ve been fortunate to employee over the years,” he says. “Myself and my family have been very fortunate in that regard. Without them, we could not turn out the consistent product our customers expect. Over the years we have learned many lessons and continue to learn ways to improve our processes. That being said, I feel we still produce the same exact pizza as we did when we opened in 1976. Doing that consistently is definitely at the top of our priority list.

Corwin St. Pierre slides an Italian fennel pizza into the oven at Cibo Pizza, in the basement of the Auburn Public Library, which he owns and operates. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

“Over the years so much has changed at George’s and in the restaurant industry in general,” says Stamboules, whose father and mother started the business. “Changes in every aspect of the business. Supplies, vendors, the neighborhood, the labor market, staff, etc. Through all of that, we still do what we have to do to produce the same product. Most everything we sell is very labor-intensive. We have not changed and outsourced anything. No corners have been cut to save cost, we use the best products we can get and the proper amount of them regardless of today’s high cost and how difficult it is to make a profit.” (See related story.)

Unofficially, George’s may be the area’s top choice for pizza but there are a lot of really close seconds.  

Cibo is one of them, receiving a whole bunch of love from our readers in spite of the fact that it’s only been around five years or so. 

“As a former New Yorker,” says a fellow who identifies himself only as Diogenes, “allow me to endorse Cibo Pizza — you know, the one in the Auburn Library. When I fold the crust and close my eyes, I’m 16 and I’m back in Brooklyn.” 

Bates College Professor Darby K. Ray has sampled local pizza from just about everywhere and she, too, just keeps coming back to Cibo. 


“I enjoy the pizza at most places, including Pat’s, Otto, Lewiston House of Pizza, Pizza Market, Antigoni’s, DaVinci’s, and Obscura,” Ray says, “but nothing beats Cibo Pizza, beneath the Auburn Public Library. Whether you’re looking for a traditional pie or in the mood for something more interesting — Italian fennel, dill pickle, or mushroom Florentine, anyone? — the crust at Cibo is always perfect, the sauce mouth-watering and the toppings fresh and plentiful. They also have lots of plant-based and dairy-free options.” 

Robbie True cuts a barbecue chicken pizza Wednesday at Davinci’s Eatery at 150 Mill St. in Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Pizza at Cibo is the creation of pizzaiolo and entrepreneur Corwin St. Pierre, who came from Georgetown, Massachusetts, to start a cafe in Auburn before switching gears and putting his pizza ovens to use. 

Now it’s the pizzas themselves that have brought St. Pierre and his pie local adoration. 

“I make all my dough in-house with my own recipe,” St. Pierre says. “I believe I am the only true stone-baked pizza shop in this area. I make a lot of my ingredients from scratch instead of buying from places like Sysco. I am also the only shop around that makes pizza solo, from the start of the dough production to the end product handed to customers. Complete consistency and quality control throughout.” 

DaVinci’s in Lewiston got its share of love, too. 

“DaVinci’s Bee Sting brick oven pizza is at the top of my list,” says Robert M. Brown of Greene. He then went on to list his favorite ingredients: pepperoni, cherry peppers, fresh mozzarella, honey, chili flakes, Italian cheese and arugula.” 


Antigoni Papagjika pulls a pepperoni and hamburger pizza from the oven Wednesday at Antigoni’s Pizza at 757 Main St. in Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

One diner identified only as Responsible Mainer casts a similar vote, putting in plugs for DaVinci’s, and then getting excited and naming several other local pizza shops. 

“Our family favorite is DaVinci’s,” says RM. “Their ‘carne’ and ‘meatball’ pizza are so amazing. Also, George’s Pizza! The all-meat from here is awesome! But I also think most Greek pizza places are so amazing — 84 Court (Pizza & Restaurant in Auburn) and Antigoni’s are all right up there too!” 


Any place that sells pizza got some votes from our readers. For some, naming their top spot isn’t easy. It all depends on which kind of pizza they’re in the mood for.

“For Italian pizza, it’s George’s in Auburn,” says Aaron Jody Barefoot of Livermore. “For Greek pizza, which is not at all like Italian pizza but is a favorite of mine, as long as it’s REAL Greek pizza, it’s Antigoni’s in Lewiston and Turner. They are Greek-speaking people and it doesn’t get more authentic than that. Accept no substitute.”


Pat’s Pizza in Auburn has its fans — “The Pat’s Combo is great,” says Mike Albert — as does Gritty’s, Georgio’s, Pizza Market and Heathco’s Pizza & Variety, all in Auburn. Same for Greco’s Pizza, and Luiggi’s and Slider’s Restaurant in Lewiston. 

A loaded pizza is ready for customer pickup Wednesday at Lewiston House of Pizza at 95 Lincoln St. in Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Yet one thing our query revealed to us is that good pizza isn’t just the product of businesses that specialize in pizza specifically. The little corner stores get a lot of love, too, from people who know their way around a slice. 

“Gowell’s on Hampshire Street in Auburn,” offers Belinda Gerry. “They are wicked good and reasonably priced. They also put garlic butter on the crust when asked. It gives more flavor to the crust. 

“Our favorite place for pizza,” writes Daniel Pelletier, of Lewiston, “is Wheeler’s Market on South Main Street, New Auburn. Their pizzas are very mouth watering and delicious. They will make it to order. They also have daily specials. Very good weekly specials.” 

Crossroads Market, near the turnpike exit in Auburn, got lots of praise and there were were nods for pizza offered up at Lost Valley Ski Resort in Auburn.  

There was additional love for pizza from Webb’s Market, Fastbreaks, Little Joe’s, Ward’s, Angelo’s and Little Caesar’s, all in Lewiston. 


Angie St. Hilaire holds up Luiggi’s popular luncheon meat pizza Wednesday at Luiggi’s Pizzeria at 63 Sabattus St. in Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Further out, plenty of pizza-craving folks dig what’s being offered up by Main Street Market in Sabattus, Jimmy’s General Store in Turner, Village Pizzeria in Mechanic Falls, Minot Country Store and the Fairlawn Golf Course in Poland. 

And then there are people like Tom White, a 72-year-old in Jay, who wax on about their love of pizza without naming a current favorite. In White’s opinion, they just don’t make pizza like they used to, so his plan is to make his own.

So there.

“I love pizza!” White gushes. “Most of them from the stores now are sold with a heavy thick crust. In my youth, we ate a thin crust made by a fellow Greek named Louie Nano who operated a pizza/sandwich joint in Knightville, South Portland. They were a dollar for a 10-inch pie. I make my own now to have a pie that is full of flavor with minimal crust. I make pizza with either my homemade crust or if I get lazy a thin crust bought at Hannaford’s using the Golden Home Ultra Thin crust. Our preference is onion or pepperoni.”

A mashed potato, bacon and scallion slice from Otto in the Auburn Plaza. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal


We tried to keep our pizza query contained to the Lewiston-Auburn area, we really did. There are just too many pizza joints out there to list them all, and trying to include pizza from other counties would be a fool’s errand. 


But pizza people are passionate types and we heard from plenty from other regions who want to weigh in with their choices. This is only a small sampling, mind you. 

Gayle Long in Jay has this to say: “Unfortunately, the local pizza shop, Yanni’s Pizza in Jay, closed in 2023. This left Livermore Falls without a convenient source of really good pizza. Recently, Rusty Lantern purchased the Mallard Mart in Livermore Falls. The pizza oven has been fired-up and the pizza is delicious, service is great and the staff friendly!” 

“Mills Market in Andover,” offers Jim Ippolito. “Pizza is consistently crispy with fresh dough and delicious. Staff are very pleasant and accommodating. Yum!” 

Linda Desjardins of Rumford sent a very long breakdown of pizza in her area. She begins by lamenting the loss of the House of Pizza, which had to close after last summer’s storms caused extensive damage there. 

Linda and her family tried a few other places, but were not sated. They tried making their own but it was just not the same. 

Pepperoni pizza by the slice is a popular to-go item at Webbs Market at 131 Pine St, Lewiston. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Finally, she overheard strangers talking about divine pizza from a tiny convenience store situated across the street from a cemetery and fire station. The place didn’t look like much, but Desjardins gave it a shot. 


“I ordered a large pepperoni, green peppers and onion pizza,” she says. “The smell coming from that box on my way home almost made me want to pull over and eat it right then and now!” 

She mopped up her drool and waited until she had the food at home. 

“It took us 1.1 second to rip that box open and tear into that pizza,” she says. “That first bite was like taking a bite of heaven; the second bite, even better. THIS IS REAL PIZZA! The crust was cooked just right — crispy, but not crunchy. The sauce was out of this world, with just the right amount of zing and spices, but not overbearing. The cheese? I don’t know what kind they use, but it is the very best for long stringy pieces, taste buds ablaze! Pepperoni had just the right amount of ‘spicy’.  

“We have never looked back,” Desjardin’s says. “We have never ordered from anywhere else. We have found our ‘Forever Pizza’ home!” 

The name of her pizza heaven? Community Quick Stop, also known as Blaisdell’s, in Peru. 

Desjardins makes it sound so delightful, I’m thinking the wife and I might head out there and try a slice. 

You know, if we don’t stop at Ward’s, George’s, Cibo, Sam’s or Luiggi’s along the way. 

And so the war begins anew. 

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