SABATTUS — Town Manager Tim Kane has resigned, effective at the end of June, according to several sources. 

Kane resigned just days before the annual town meeting Thursday and just two weeks after the resignation of longtime Selectman Mark Duquette. 

There was no official word on why the two men resigned.

Last year, both men were the target of an independent investigation spurred by a complaint from a Sabattus firefighter. The complaint ultimately was signed by more than 100 residents. 

At the time, firefighter Austin Gayton and dozens of residents expressed a loss of confidence in Kane based on a number of complaints involving issues between the town manager and the people who work under him. Many of the complaints revolved around what were described as safety issues at the fire department.

Gayton’s complaint included more than 100 pages of text plus audio and video files outlining the complaints against Kane, as well as allegations that Duquette failed to intervene in disputes with the town manager. 


The dispute ultimately led to the resignation of popular Fire Chief Troy Cailler, who said at the time that he was leaving the job due to friction with Kane. 

In the midst of these complaints and allegations, the town Select Board voted to hire independent investigator Toby Tiner Jr. to look into the claims. 

Months later, the investigator turned in his findings: Town Manager Timothy Kane had committed no wrongdoing before or during his dispute with the Fire Department in the spring. 

That declaration from the investigator seemed to settle the matter, but in recent months, Gayton complained once again to the Select Board — and to the District Attorney’s and Attorney General’s offices, as well — about ongoing harassment of the town residents who had signed the complaint about Kane the year before. 

It was unclear on Wednesday whether those recent complaints contributed to the resignations of Kane and Duquette. 

Duquette had served on the board for more than 20 years. He could not be reached Wednesday for comment.


Kane did not return messages left via email and phone Wednesday.

One member of the Select Board declined to comment while others did not return messages. 

Cailler, at the epicenter of last year’s dispute, said Wednesday that he sees the recent resignations as a confirmation that serious issues continue to exist under Kane’s leadership. 

“… I think this will shed some light on the situations that have been going on in that community for years,” Cailler said. “The town of Sabattus is a special town with many great people, however it was being mismanaged by members at the top with their own political agendas… I am happy to hear that everything is out in the open now and hopefully the people will realize what I was trying to stand up for a year ago.”

The town’s annual meeting Thursday will include voting on a budget for the coming year.

Last week, Kane said the town is looking at a $750,000 increase in its operational budget, which will allow the town to add staff to its public safety departments.  

The 23 meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at Sabattus Middle School.

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