Donald Trump’s running roughshod over America’s legal system. His actions in court show disdain for our judicial system.

Trump’s been indicted for actions committed before becoming president, while president and since leaving office. He’s was indicted by a grand jury composed of citizens, not politicians.

He is charged with stealing America’s documents. Who, when leaving a job, can take company documents, hide them and refuse to give them back? Trump’s been indicted for election interference, falsifying business records and Rico charges. Solid evidence appears to prove Trump committed these crimes.

In court he’s acting like a petulant child instead of a grown man. Others would be in jail if they acted like him in court.

Presidents are responsible for implementing and enforcing laws written by Congress and enshrined in America’s Constitution. Trump wants to rewrite the Constitution, giving him complete control like a king or dictator if reelected.

I think Trump’s dangerous.

Deanne Danforth, Wilton

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