SABATTUS — The Sabattus Rec Club Running Program will once again hold its two summer 5K events this year. This will be the 11th year for these two fun, family-friendly events. The low registration cost of $5 per person and great prizes offer chances for family members of all ages to get out and get moving. Participants can race, run easy, or walk, and still win something.

The first event is the Blackjack 5K on Thursday, July 18. Participants will collect two cards on the course. If they get Blackjack, they win a prize. They can get a third card at the finish to make a total of 21 and win that way. After those winners, more prizes will be drawn.

The Prediction 5K will be held on Thursday, Aug. 15. Participants will predict their finish time when they sign up, and will cover the course without any electronic devices, watches, music, etc. The top ten with the closest guesses to their actual finish time win prizes. Then, more prizes will be drawn.

For those who like to race, the top male and female in each event will win a prize.

Both events will be held at the Oak Hill Middle School on Ballpark Rd in Sabattus. There is no pre-registration. These are show-up, and sign-up events. Proceeds help the running program’s annual costs for insurance, scholarships, website, equipment, etc.

For more information, check out the Sabattus Rec Club Running Program on Facebook, or email

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