Pelletier Karate adult student who completed the most recent belt test. Pictured left to right, front to back: Joey Alfonsetti, Lucas Wooten, Sydney Cole, Emily Desrosiers, Marissa Veilleux.; Second Row: Max Reblin, Crystal Reblin, Andrew Rasmussen, Ryan Delorme, Samantha Capprini.; Back Row: Senpai Jason Reblin, Sensei Mike Bourget, Sensei Sadie Landry, Sensei Per Almquist, Senpai Millie Barnard. Submitted photo

LEWISTON — Pelletier’s Karate Academy congratulates the adults who successfully completed their tests for new belts recently. Students performed physical fitness, empty hand katas, weapons and self-defense. You can find more information about Pelletier’s Karate’s Little Ninjas program, karate, cardio kickboxing, and self-defense programs for kids and adults online at or by calling 786-3731.

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