On April 8 I happened to tune in to Channel 11 and listened to a discussion held by city administrators pertaining to the high cost of “a one-time-a-year spring clean-up.”

Should we take from one program and pass it on to another at a cost of $140,000, plus or minus, to the taxpayers?

There wasn’t a person in that room who could come up with a realistic figure for the actual cost. After a while, and no solution in sight, I noticed that some of the council members appeared to get frustrated and very bored.

A few of those yawns were the size of a catcher’s mitt. It’s a good thing flies weren’t present for they would have been easily swallowed.

Year after year the city phases out one program and creates another, only to burden taxpayers.

Why not discipline ourselves and do away with “spring clean-up month.” Period. At least until the time comes when we can manage it better.

It’s too much garbage accumulation all at once and doesn’t do anything for the scenery. Also, who’s to know if someone from out of town sneaks some junk onto our streets at our expense.

Why can’t Lewiston offer free “dump days” where a homeowner or landlord could bring used tires, mattresses, etc., without being charged?

All one has to do is take a ride along back roads and see what we are doing to the environment.

Joe Voisine, Lewiston

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