SABATTUS – Sabattus Elementary School announces the honor roll for the third trimester.

Grade four

First honors: Erin Reynolds, Alexandria Shaw, Brooke Beganny, Kim Soucy, Ashley Lansley, Caitlin Provencher.

Second honors: Monica Grass, Michelle Lane, Lucal McKinney, Bryan Soucy, Tiffany Arsenault, Jordan Davis, Jennesa Letourneau, Alex Noel, Allison Therrien, Sydney Wall, Patrick Austin, Hollis Curtis, Brooke Derosier, Bruce Garnett, Haley MacDonald, Joshua Martin, Colby McKay, Jared Richard, Kassandra Ritchie, Ashley Ward, Ericka Pelletier.

Grade five

First honors: Michaela Chasse, Sara Lacroix, Hannah Langlois, Kelsey Averill, Skylar Michaud, Cameron Morin.

Second honors: Devan Deschaine, Taylor Fillion, Richard Newton, Cody Provost, Lauren Stockwell, Shawn Adams, Lauren Hall, Kathy LaGue, Brittney Marshall, Aaron Merrill, Erica Patnaude, Michael Rawstron, Daisy Taylor, Katelynn Wood, Rebecca Belaire, Stephanie Bouchard, Sarah Crommett, Maisy Cyr, Sagelee Dube, Brianna Ritchie, Taylor Wall, Eric Woods.

Grade six

First honors: Katherin Bartos, Julie Begert, Courtney Safford, Anthony Holmes.

Second honors: Alexandra Davis, Nicole Drake, Kayla Hodgkins, Dana Pride, Eli Ward, Trent Beaule, Ashley Guimond, Megan Hlister, Jacob Samson, Keith Saunders, Adam Soucy, Katherine Stubbs, Paige Frechette, Tim Levisque, Carina Provencher.

Grade seven

First honors: Jennifer Rancourt, Ariel Boulette, Richard Curtis, Benjamin Deschaine, Caleb Fournier, Shannon Martineau.

Second honors: Tim Blais, Kayla Clark, Ryan Krook, Jessica Pelletier, Jacob Brown, Joey Morneault, Kenneth Pinard, Scott Lagasse, Christian Langlois, Jeff Moore, Ambyr Provost, Hannah Rancourt, Ben Rines.

Grade eight

First honors: Andrew Damon, Katie Glencross, Brittany Wood.

Second honors: Nate Lemieux, Courtney Clark, Ben Nadeau, Dan Brannigan, Deidra Dubuc, Justin Wood.

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