AUBURN – St. Dominic Regional High School Principal Michael Welch announces the academic honors for the fourth quarter.

Grade 11

Principal’s list: Rebecca Lewis, Jaime Dorion, Justin Fongemie, Jacob Albert.

First honors: Cara Pavlak, Andrew Crispin, Audrey Ouellette, Emily Goss, Kyle Doustou.

Second honors: Zachary Olbrych, Brian Robinson, Ryan Guerin, Alexandra Turgeon, Rachel Nadeau, Lyndsy Baril, Danielle Theriault, Daniel Bouttenot, Allison Turcotte, Andrew Nadeau, Michelle Harmann, Nicolas Patenaude, Ian Duggan, Xue Chen.

Honorable mention: Danielle Bolger.

Grade 10

Principal’s list: Emily Staszak, David Chamberlain, Kristen Ruby.

First honors: Whitney Danse, Katelyn St. Pierre, Chantal Patenaude, Heather Couverette, Laura Robitzek, Michael Beers, Kerrie Kelley, Kayla Harding, Bridget Duval, Sean Lawlor.

Second honors: Amanda Navojosky, Stephanie Matthews, Danielle Jamison, Charles Poulin, Justin Richardson, Shanna Hale, Tavian MacKinnon, Julie Vandermeulen, Kyle Levasseur, Justin Ouellette, Tobias Knausenberger, Malley O’Shea, Rachel Landry, James Donahue, Emily Fontaine, Joseph Vining, Lindsay Carr, Benjamin Salzberg, Kayla McKay, David Geiger.

Honorable mention: Erin Feely, Jennifer Uwachia, Autumn Bell.

Grade nine

Principal’s list: Megha Basavappa, Joseph Theriault, Kathrin Gallick, Emily Lewandowski, Amanda Nguyen, Hannah Beaulieu.

First honors: Edward Connors, Carla Henault, Matthew Siviski, Thomas Ustach, Meaghan Lyon, Andrew Allen, Timothy Baker, Heidi DeHaan, Abigail Gilbert, Megan Pelletier, Renee Bissonnette, Gregory Barlion, Christopher Davis, Sasha Pavlak, Ryan Boucher, Lauren Clark, Carolyn Tardif, Celena Turmel.

Second honors: Joseph Bonneau, Genevieve Hering, Robert Hussey, Deidre LaCouture, Kevin Laplante, Adam Blais, Jordan Paquet, Nathan Brown, Gabrielle Finger, Craig Michaud, Jason Parker, Chelsea St. Onge May, Katherine Webber, Anna Bouchard.

Also, Baylee Phillips, Steven Donovan, Arianna Olbrych, Sarah St. Amour, Lisa Navojosky, Lindsey Bourget, Jared Morin, Kathryn Eastman, Erin Saucier, Kristina Ouellette, Emily Slonina, Austin Fuller, Dustin Brown, Danya Beliveau, Peter Lewis, Sara Cadwell, Brittane Michaud.

Honorable mention: Aimee Michaud, Brianne Landry, Tyler Dupile, Samuel Goulet.

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