WILTON – Bowling news from the Tuesday Mixed League as of June 15 games:


High game scratch: Tony White 232, Larry Duval 199, Linda Meunier 190.

High series scratch: Tony White 626, Bill Richardson 551, Bob Oliver 536.

High game handicap: Tony White and Linda Meunier 258, Phil Weston 237, Bob Oliver 232.

High series handicap: Tony White 704, Linda Meunier 703, Bill Richardson 680.


High game scratch: Charlene Corbett 179, Mary Hutchinson 154, Heather Hensley 147.

High series scratch: Charlene Corbett 432, Nancy Hensley 418, Cathy Walton 400.

High game handicap: Charlene Corbett 237, Barb Derbyshire 232, Lauren Buese 230.

High series handicap: Lauren Buese 674, Virginia Wheeler 654, Nancy Hensley 634.

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