SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Clifford Gunnar Bradbury and Melissa J. Bradbury to Jasen A. and Gretchen Errington, in Dixfield.

Robert L. and Elaine E. Waugh to David A. and Colleen K. Verreault, in Oxford.

Linda Adelberg to Linda Adelberg (tr) and Linda Adelberg 2000 Revocable Trust, in Newry.

Constantina Davis to Stanley S. Wagnis, in Rumford.

Elizabeth and Liz Bertin and Elizabeth Wyman to Stanley Wagnis, in Rumford.

Constantina Davis (agent) and Stanley S. Wagnis (by agent) and Stanley Wagnis (by agent) to John A. and Elaine J. Giambattista, in Rumford.

Batty P. and Betty A. Titcomb to Brandon D. Noyes, in Rumford.

Stephanie M. Ford to Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC, in Bethel.

Union Water Power Co. to Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust Inc., in Township, Upton and Magalloway Plantation.

Josephat N. and Rita I. Levesque to Curtis B. Chandler III and Robin M. Chandler, in West Paris.

Jacques G. Dupuis and Charles R. Jamison to Michael B. Corradino (tr) and Cor Investment Trust, in Rumford.

Town of Peru to James L. and Mary E. Pulsifer, in Peru.

Jamie D. Milledge to Gregory T. and Lisa L. Wolfer, in Mexico.

Arlan E. Farrar Jr. and Jackie L. Farrar to Francis C. and Cheryl H. Shaskan, in Sumner.

Kathleen S. Newell to Richard J. and Jane M. Lennox, in Bethel.

Robinson Manufacturing Co. to H. David and Christina M. Twitchell, in Oxford.

Martin Johns and Maria Watkins and Maria Joy Accorsi to Sheila E. Curtis, in Woodstock.

Bruce R. and M. Patricia Cook to Andrew C. and Vicki M. Moll and Janet M. Peterson, in Norway.

Albert W. and Ethel M. Cross to Darren A. Cross, in Greenwood.

Albert W. and Ethel M. Cross to Stephen Ochrymowicz, in Greenwood

Albert W. and Ethel M. Cross to Michael Sylvester Jr. and Jeanie Sylvester, in Greenwood.

Norma J. Farrington (agent) and Margaret Jean White (by agent) to Lester O. White, in Andover.

Estate of Vernon W. Inman and Virginia K. Aridas (pr) and Virginia K. Aridas and Marshall V. Inman to Vivian Sanborn and Walter T. Inman Sr., in Greenwood.

David R. and Susan B. St. Laurent and Susan B. Landry to Kenneth E. and Cheryl Correio, in Oxford.

John T. Koster and Cathy A. Thompson to Francis F. Corriveau, in Gilead.

Charles Christopher Lingamfelter to Konewago LLC, in Waterford.

Mary R. Grover to Richard E. Carpenter Jr. and Doreen M. Carpenter, in Albany Township.

Kevin J. Parsons to Kevin J. and Tammy Parsons, in Magalloway Plantation.

Suzanna Willard and Suzanna Gallant to Barbara A. MacNeil, in Dixfield.

Ernest F. Truman (by atty.) to Winfield R. Kimball, in Newry.

Gary W. and Dale F. and Sheila and Cindy Lou Kyllonen to Gary W. and Sheila Kyllonen, in Hebron.

Anthony D. and Sharon J. Morrison to Jason McGrath, in Waterford.

William E. and Mary Ann Murphy to Robert J. Seppey, in Mexico.

Robert A. and Peter D. Holman and Geraldine H. Viitala to Terry and Nancy Holman, in Dixfield.

John D. Halacy to Daniel R. Beaudoin, in Rumford.

Rita Towle and Estate of Janet P. Venskus to Nixon M. Samayoa, in Mexico.

James J. and Michelle L. Bernard to Howard L. and Joy E. Thomas, in Mexico.

Linda Burns and Jennifer Warrirner and Valerie Glueck and Nicole Lane and Timothy and Stephen and Daniel Lapointe to Mary Arita Zitoli, in Rumford.

Dorothy E. Eastman to Angela Gaudreau, in West Paris.

Edgar A. Tremblay Jr. and Mary M. Tremblay to Eric and Jodie C. Lenardson, in Waterford.

Leo F. and Gilberte J. Hamann and Leo F. and Gilberte J. and Gilberte Hamanne to Don Hamann, in Rumford.

Michele Cox Marois to John E. Cox IV, in Woodstock.

Edwin F. French Sr. and Laurene A. French to Frances J. Wobst, in Norway.

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