SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Leon R. and Pamela O. Baker to Barry M. and Colleen J. Collett, West Paris.

Estate of Stacia J. Smiji and Edward F. Borkowski Jr. to Edward F. Borkowski, Gilead.

Shirley Matero to Stanley E. and Vickie D. Matero, Paris.

Elizabeth and Elizabeth H. Stetson to Kim Stetson Akers, Rumford.

E. D. Bessey and Son to Dufault Lumber Co., Woodstock.

Cullinan Inc. and Cullinans Inc. to Kristen L. Kane, real estate in Oxford.

William H. and Ella G. Whitman to Kenneth E. Poland, real estate in West Paris.

Mary Susan and Susan Pelletier and Mary Susan Pillsbury to Joelleann Cuvais, Mexico.

Annette P. Rynearson to Deborah Wicker, Otisfield.

Edith M. Deegan to Ronald and Alice Deegan, Woodstock.

Kenneth I. and April M. Briggs to Alicia M. Smith, Norway.

C. Edward and Elizabeth B. Hazen to Jeffrey W. and Sheila M. Sweenor, Newry.

Robert M. Graham to Daniel R. and Diane G. Mawhinney, Rumford.

Alan C. Holbrook to Alan C. Holbrook and Robin A. Rockett, Hebron.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to James E. Denholm, Newry.

Carl W. and Elizabeth H. Menici to Michael G. and Martina C. Deblois, Woodstock.

Robert E. and Sondra J. Tillman to Rosanne Zuffante and Carmen L. Durso, Bethel.

Roseanne Zuffante to Carmen L. Durso, Bethel.

Barry and Kathleen Collette and Kathleen Lynch to Jeffery R. Hershberger and Lindsay T. MacMillan, Greenwood.

Edwin E. Thayer to Donald Edwin Thayer, Oxford.

Samuel D. Sessions Inc. to Samuel D. Sessions, Paris.

Frederick D. Friedman to Mark F. and M. Pauline Brewster, West Paris.

Jane and Mika L. Adams and Bonnie Brieske and Thomas Hamilton and Bonnie Robinson to Judith A. Hamilton, Hartford.

John C. Thompson and Marie H. Corthouts to Kenneth MacCarthy, Bethel.

Bonita J. Cyr and Beth G. Boyce to Beth G. and Chris Boyce, Waterford.

Rita V. Cady and Jeanmarie C. Smith to Jeanmarie C. and Mark S. and Thomas W. Smith, Norway.

Melodie J. Abbott to Clay A. Abbott, West Paris.

Goldie M. Buncy to Randall and Kathleen Perkins, Otisfield.

Mary Grover to Peggy Pinkham and Martha Holden and Mary Jones, Waterford.

Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall and Ronald C. Kendall Trust to James M. McIroy, Newry.

James M. McIroy to Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall to Ronald C. Kendall Trust, Newry.

Emily Houghton and Emily J. Merrill to Ed B. Merrill, Dixfield.

Emily Houghton and Ed B. Merrill and Emily J. Merrill to Peter Merrill, Dixfield.

Daniel Ort to Sharon Ort, Waterford.

Marion L. Thurston to Karen Thurston Hodsdon, Mexico.

Karen Thurston Hodsdon to Robert A. and Jennie M. Cushman, Mexico.

Dana L. Edmunds to Patricia A. Edmunds, West Paris.

Scott D. and Heidi S. Bennett Provencher to Tadd C. and Jennifer D. Woods, Dixfield.

Webster N. Jones to Robert E. and Donna C. Sawyer, Gilead.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota National Association to Paul J. Theriault, Mexico.

Robert L. and Thelma G. Taylor to Linda Lee Taylor, Gilead.

Dean S. Irish to David Gray, Andover.

David R. Gray to David R. and Maiki L. Gray, Andover.

David R. and Maiki Gray to Daniel G. Dean, Andover.

Laurilyn W. Sabin and Laurilyn W. Mills to Waman Mills and Bernadette V. M. Mills Sabin, Dixfield.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd to Gene A. Auty and Gene A. Auty Revocable Living Trust, Newry.

Kristin McFarlane to Samuel I. Blackwell, Peru.

Thomas L. Farrington to Donna Rice Howe and Alton L. Howe, Norway.

Jeanne G. Cannell and Jacqueline K. Degan and Jacqueline K. DeGan and Janet L. Kelley and Paul G. Kelley and Jacqueline Kelly to Paul G. Kelley and Kelley Chalet Realty Trust, Newry.

Lois E. Knapp and Lois E. Ames to Dale V. Cook, Buckfield.

Thomas R. and Scott A. Dillon to James C. and Elizabeth J. McCarthy, Sumner.

Dorothy Waite to Darrell and Gail Waite, Canton.

Eire Properties Inc. to Richard Vetrano, Bethel.

Elaine Elliott and Estate of Henry G. Paradis to Joanne Kozlowski and John Paradis, Peru.

Savage Land Development LLC to John F. and Mary C. Mahan, Greenwood.

Savage Land Development LLC to Timothy and Lauren Milligan, Greenwood.

David W. and Debora S. Whitman to Michael J. Roberge and Karla Jo Horecky, Paris.

Caroline Currier to Jane and Richard Frechette, Norway.

R. and D. Land Sales Inc. to Glendon and Velma Flanigan, Oxford.

Percy L. and Robyn D. McInnis to Andrea L. Wilner, Rumford.

Stanley A. and Esther L. Hunt to Kyle E. Hunt and Patty M. Pike, Oxford.

Larry A. Todd to Mitchell Plummer, Paris.

Evelyn M. and Paul N. St. Laurent to Raymond Fortier and Suzanne Gallant, Buckfield.

Keith Robert Falconer and Falconer Family Trust to Newlife LLC, Oxford.

Howard R. Field to Gary M. and Mary J. Freeman, Hebron.

Martin G. and Joanne McMahon to Martin G. McMahon and Joanne McMahon and Martin G. McMahon and Joanne McMahon Living Trust, Newry.

Joann B. Getchell and William J. Getchell to Ruth Ann Baker and Michael Newmann, Adamstown Township.

Beverly J. Cameron to James H. and Sandra J. Calyer and John J. Holt, Magalloway Plantation.

Roseamy Marston to Susie M. Burgess and Kelly R. Marston, Roxbury.

Pamela K. Nemethy to Jacqueline Nemethy and Jacqueline Jasud, Hartford.

Jacqueline Jasud and Jacqueline Nemethy to Jacqueline Jasud and James T. Jasud Sr., Hartford.

Roger J. Larsen and Sandra K. McDonnell to Christopher J. and Jessica L. Stifel, Bethel.

Pamela K. Paradis and Estate of William P. Kuvaja to Matthew E. and Carley A. Packard, Norway.

Glenn A. Annese to Margaret J. Facey, Bethel.

Eleanor M. Sterns to Cathlean M. Millett, Waterford.

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