Realty transfers

Oxford County

SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Joyce J. Colby to Warren C. and Susan E. Spencer, Norway.

Marshall Keene to Marshall G. Keene and Trust of Marshall G. Keene, two real estates in Hartford.

Jenifer G. Adams to Thomas W. Adams, Hartford.

Barry K. Brackett and Karla Branford and Roberta Stewart and Cheryl MacPherson to Phyllis A. Bancroft, Paris.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Stacy L. Brewer, Newry.

Savage Land Development LLC to Gary J. and Joanne S. Logie, Greenwood.

Miriam H. Morgan to Stacy I. and Corey Millett, Woodstock.

Carmen C. Adler and Carmen S. Cooper to Catherine Virginia Cooper, Paris.

Dale R. Verrill and Richard A. Tibbetts to Rodney and Sandra K. Smith, Oxford.

Dale R. Verrill to Timothy W. and Kathleen L. Douglas, Oxford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Carl W. and Elizabeth H. Menici, Greenwood.

Ronald D. Fitts to Donna Farrar, Paris.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Barbara Olson and Jon Deschenes, Norway.

William H. Cousins to William H. and Margaret L. Cousins, Bethel.

William H. and Margaret L. Cousins to William H. and Margaret L. Cousins, Bethel.

Melissa K. Strout to Deborah S. Bedard, Canton.

William D. and Sheila R. Schoolcraft to Learned G. Littlehale and Melissa L. Williams, Dixfield.

Frances B. Swanson to Frances B. Swanson and Marcia L. Greene and Robert E. McGrath and M. Kathryn Kelly and Henry E. and John A. Swanson and Signe A. Tamulonis, Paris.

Barry J. Heath and Estate of Eloise B. Heath to Barry J. Heath and Toby W. Heath and Eloise B. Heath Living Trust, Waterford and Albany Township.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Dean C. Fraser, two real estates in Newry.

James F. Clemmer to Daniel W. Oliver, Dixfield.

United States of America VA to Dennis J. Bowden Jr., Newry.

Rudolf C. Marchesi and Windy J. Kaggerud and Wendy J. Marchesi to Albert W. Bussink and Ann H. Jenkins, Newry.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to John H. Conrad, Oxford.

Jennifer J. Turcotte to Alan P. Turcotte, Oxford.

Gordon H. and Nora Marie Woodworth to Rodney A. and Cheryl B. Leach, Paris.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Jonathan and Anne Bowen, Newry.

Raymond S. and Karen A. Baker to Jay C. Herr, West Paris.

Francis G. and Barbara Dumont to Lawrence S. Young and Adriana Carosio, Bethel.

Timothy T. and Denise L. Adams to Tausha M. McAllister, Norway.

Paul G. and Barbara H. Coville to William N. and Julie A. Cook, Waterford.

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