PARIS – The Oxford County Democrats are participating in the election year exercise of placement and maintenance of political signs.

County Chairwoman Cathy Newell has issued the following statement regarding signs: “Our candidates have carefully researched materials and selected recyclable materials for their signs. The corrugated plastic coated signs are recyclable, but their sturdiness makes them usable for several campaigns. The coated cardboard signs are also recyclable, but we have had good luck in cleaning and reusing them as well.

“Because our candidates are running as Clean Elections candidates, free of obligation to donors, they have limited budgets, can afford fewer signs than traditional candidates, and must be clever in stretching their funds. This approach to signs is a natural fit with their commitment to reuse and recycle as policy.”

Newell asks that people be patient with the signs as they will be collected promptly after the Nov. 2 election. She reminded individuals that it is against the law to tamper with or remove a sign placed by a candidate of campaign. Anyone wishing to display a lawn sign for any of the Democratic candidates may contact her at 875-2116.

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