FARMINGTON – Theresa came to the Franklin County Animal Shelter with a litter of kittens, which have all been adopted except for Flick.

The staff said they soon realized that Theresa was one of the best things that has happened to the shelter. She not only took care of her kittens, but also any orphaned kitten that came to the nursery. The staff named her Theresa after Mother Theresa because of the care that she gave to all. Theresa is the reason, they feel, that many of the shelter’s orphans lived and were adopted in good homes.

Even today, when all of the kittens from the summer have grown up, she continues to bathe them and love them. She has a knack for sensing which ones need the most attention. She will curl up and comfort any of them who are feeling sad, scared or sick. She has been a godsend for the staff and even though they hate to see her go, she has done more than her duty and deserves a happy retirement.

They are looking for a good home for Theresa.

New dogs at the shelter include a male Shih Tzu mix found in Jay.

The reminds pet owners that during the cold winter months there are many dangers for pets. Salt is on every road and in most driveways and can cause damage to a pet’s paw pads. Owners are reminded to look them over when back inside and wash them off when necessary.

Pets love the taste of antifreeze and will lick it up and beg for more. However, it is a strong poison to them and they need immediate medical attention if they have ingested it. People with pets should make sure that spills or leaks are cleaned up before pets go outside.

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