SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently.

JAE Realty Trust and James A. Perry and Edward A. Supple III to Timothy C. Coffren and Bonny L. Clark, in Albany Township.

Erwin and Christine Kennison to Eric J. and Christine Kennison, in Paris.

River View Timeshare Trust to David B. and Doris S. Witham, in Bethel.

Koreen and Michael Paoletto and Koreen M. Wass to Gregory M. Wass, in Sumner.

Susan McCauley to Jeffrey McCauley, in Oxford.

Stephen J. Longley to Winfield R. Kimball, in Greenwood.

Edwin L. and Elinor P. Marston to Melissa Campbell, in Paris.

R and D. Land Sales Inc. to Robert S. Bourgoin and Maine Designs to Lee F. Adams Jr. in Oxford.

Matthew R. Theberge and Kurt R. Youland to Matthew R. Theberge, in Hartford.

Stephen W. and Elise B. Caswell to Maines Morning Star LLC, in Gilead.

Gerard P. and Gerard Thibault to Mary Ann York, in Paris.

D. John Gagnon Jr. to 108 Timberline Road LLC, in Newry.

Thomas G. and Diane Henson to Mark Ramsdell, in Hebron.

Patrick J. Feeney to Michel Pelletier, in Bethel.

Bear Pond Properties LLC and Sunny Days Corporation to Robert and Susan and Melissa and Jason Teich, in Waterford.

Stephen F. Nolan to Shawn P. Grant and Kevin J. Call, in Bethel.

Colette Newell and Colette Bourgeois to Colette Newell, in Norway.

Peter Getman to Todd Marsh, in Newry.

Lakeville Homes LLC to Community Concepts Inc., in Hebron.

Barbara R. and Bryan D. Smith to Jed L. and Leslie L. Kutzen, in Newry.

Jeffrey H. and Patricia A. Parsons to State of Maine DOT, in Bethel.

Demetrios and Patti S. Karavitis to Barbara Buerkle, in Paris.

John L. Kovar to John L. Kovar Jr., in West Paris.

Loris Earl Hurley to John and Bonnie Ansbro, in Rumford.

Nancy E. Howard to Sharon L. and Gary M. Yackley, in Otisfield.

Robert P. Chadbourne to Robert P. and Nancy R. Chadbourne, in Bethel.

Lisa MacDonald Carr to James L. Carr Jr., in Newry.

Marlan R. and Debra G. Dupont to Russell T. Moody, in Mexico.

Allen G. Noyes and estate of David Lee Noyes and estate of David L. Noyes Sr. to Deborah Lee Holmquist, in Canton.

Deborah Lee Holmquist to Allen G. Noyes and estate of David Lee Noyes and estate of David L. Noyes Sr., in Canton.

Allen G. Noyes and estate of David Lee Noyes and estate of David L. Noyes Sr. to David Lee Noyes Jr. and Joshua Allen Noyes and Russell Martin Noyes, in Canton.

Douglas A. and Ruth A. Grover to David F. Mayo, in Peru.

Hurchial E. and Daniel A. Noyes to Noyes Pure Spring Water LLC, in Dixfield.

Constant T. and Cynthia a. Merrick to Joann Darosa, in Canton.

Michael J. and Christine M. Rhode to Stephen W. and Elise B. Caswell, in Bethel.

Robert A. Brown LLC to James A. and Alyssa M. Barker, in Hanover.

Christ Church Episcopal to Corey J. and Nicole M. Belanger, in Norway.

Mt. Will Associates to John D. O’Hara and Ski Barn Trust, in Bethel.

Virginia L. Justard and Justard Family Trust to David G. and Sally J. Arsenault, in Rumford.

Michael J. and Peggy Sue Mills to David G. and Sally J. Arsenault, in Rumford.

Pammi L. Everett to Community Concepts Inc., in Paris.

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