This recent infatuation with plastic surgery is at soaring numbers, and it doesn’t come to any surprise that there are more risks then benefits. For instance, did you know that after plastic surgery your skin can be susceptible to different problems, and it can actually cause your skin to age faster? Not just that, but the cost can be outrageous. A ‘simple’ nose job can be valued at $4,178, and an eyelid job (upper and lower lids) is worth $3,816. Those are just the most common procedures. So set the scalpel and knives aside, and hold on to something because plastic surgery is taking over,

Looking over some common procedures led me to some startling conclusions, and some of them are kind of overwhelming. First men are seeing plastic surgeons 30% less often than they did in 1997. But don’t cry for the poor doctors because women amply fill the gap with a 40% increase in plastic surgery over the same time period. Nearly nine out of ten plastic-surgery patients are women. As stated by AAFPRS president Dean M. Toriumi, MD, head of the facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Illinois, Chicago, men are seeing plastic surgeons for more expensive procedures that they will recover from quicker. The reason why men get plastic surgery? Most men post the blame on their work, while only ten percent of women say it’s work-related. “Men and women responded differently to the economic downturn, with women holding off personal improvement and men choosing to invest in themselves, possibly to increase job security.” Toriumi says in a news release. I find it difficult to believe that men and women are seeking professional reconstruction to keep their jobs, and that maybe it’s a cop out to actually invest in their personal benefits. In a recent survey 57% of women and 45% of men said they sought plastic surgery to make themselves look younger that sounds a bit more honest.

Have you been watching TV lately? Well, if you have, 1 am sure that once in your TV channel surfing moments, you have come across plastic surgery show. My most favorite? “I Want a Famous Face.” I find this show humorous in so many ways, but yet 1 find it disturbing. If you haven’t seen it already, “I Want a Famous Face” is an MTV produced television show that documents the recent infatuation with looking like celebrities. “It used to be chat people only looked to the rich and famous to see how to dress or cut their hair, but now people are going under the knife to resemble their favorite stars,” says the opening of the show. Why are these people going under the scalpel? Self-conscious, unwantedness, and who knows what other reasons. Besides the shows emulation of stars, you can also see the gruesome reality of the operation in process, and, being MTV, they don’t blur out anything other then the ‘privates’. There is no beauty about the process, and in the end they never end up looking like their favorite stars.

With our look-driven culture I don’t see a stop to plastic surgery in the future. As long as people can took better, they will strive to be better, and no one can stop them. The only reason for plastic surgery – To fix the truth.

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