The day was Thur. April 14. It was a beautiful day at Lisbon Community School when I job shadowed Mr. Randy Ridley who has been a Gym teacher since I was in the 5th grade. He hasn’t changed one bit since I could remember. I had a fun time hanging out with and answering questions that were asked by little kids.

The activity’s that we played were mat ball, jail ball, and and scoop ball. Mat Ball is a game where there are four bases and the kids kick the ball and they run around the bases twice and they score a point for their team. Jail ball is a game like dodge ball but the kids have to throw the ball and hope that one of their teammates catches the ball if they don’t they have a chance to try and make it in the basketball net and get all of their teammates back on their side again.

Scoop ball is a very complex game where u get a a scoop and a ball and you can throw it any which way and scoop it like ice cream, most of the kids asked a lot of questions like who are you, where are you from and what you are doing here. I learned a lot from job shadowing Mr. Ridley. I learned how to be very patient with the kids if they were very young like in kindergarten or any of the other grades.

Mr. Ridley has to be very disciplined at sometimes during his work day because most of the time kids can be a big pain and won’t listen, they have a cool seating system of sitting them and telling them what they are playing for the day it’s called “The white box.” The kids get graded on behavior, listening, and sportsmanship, they can get anywhere from a one to ten, ten being the best. This job is not just about having fun its about being safe all the time and showing the kids how to exercise properly and effectively.

For careers class I had to fill out a complicated packet that only took ten minutes. On Tuesday the 26th of April I had to tell about my job shadow and it went well. I just want to thank Mr. Ridley to let me shadow him and taking time out of his day to let me come to his part of the school and show me the ropes. I knew it may not be an easy job but its is the job that I might consider down the road, but first I want to finish high school.

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