PARIS – Oxford Hills Technical School held its 27th annual student awards ceremony on May 24 in the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School Forum.

Advanced Communications and Multi-Media

Maya Master Award: Jesse Strauss and Allen Reid.

Final Cut Award, Alana Flanders.

Best Actor Award, Ben Judkins.

Auto Collision Repair Technology

Best Work Ethic: Heather David.

Most Improved Student: Antonio Meli Omodei.

Most Likely to Succeed in Trade: Wade Morrissette.

Students’ Choice Award: Mike Berriault.

Industrial Technology

Electrician Award: Jacob Edwards.

Programming Award: Brad Smith.

Instructor’s Award: Colin Mansfield.

Gold Micrometer Award: Zachery Verrill.

Automotive Technology

Outstanding Automotive Student: Tyler McLaughlin.

Most Improved: Anthony Giggey.

Best Work Ethic: Jason Simon.

Most Positive Attitude: Garrett Sessions.


Outstanding Banking Student: Emily Dennison, Cara Wheeler and Jessica Damon.

Building Construction Technology

Golden Hammer Award: Phil Dennison.

Tradesman Award: Mike Tracy and Corey Wiles.

Outstanding Student: Chris Warren and Christina Berube.

Business Education

Executive Administrative Assistant Student: Katie Dingley.

Business Administration Student: Mandi Stetson.

Business Student of the Year: Mandi Stetson.

Banker of the Year: Katie Dingley.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting

CAD Proficiency Award: Craig LaPlante.

Perfect Attendance Award: Raymond Heikkinen.

Special Project Award: Justin Berry, Andy Robinson and Fred Schwaner IV.

Architectural Drafting Award: Fred Schwaner IV.

Technical Drafting Award: Derek Bruno.

Cooperative Education

Premier Work Ethic: Danielle Stearns.

Most Commendable Job Advancemen: Alan Doughty.

Excellence in Career Planning: Seth Mattson.

Most Honorable Attitude: Tiffany Stevens.

Culinary Arts

Whip and Spoon Award: Christine Brown.

Best Work Ethic: Shannon Ridge.

Best Team Player: Kari Sawyer.

Best Effort: Felicia Starbird.

Early Childhood Education

Outstanding Effort: Victoria Mason.

Best Work Ethic: Ashley Twitchell.

Positive and Pleasant Attitude: Krista Ladd.

Best Overall: Cassi Harney.


Silver Circuit Award: Jonathan Bubier.

Golden IC Award: Rose Colangelo and Ryan Lashin.

Most Improved: Colin Little.


Instructors’ Award for Enthusiasm: Corey Martin.

Academic Achievement: Albert Holden.

Most Improved Student: Adam Buckley.

Woodsman of the Year: Ron Ramsey III.

Graphic Arts and Printing

Golden Pica Stick Award: Brandon Atkinson.

Excellence in Design and Illustration: Darryl Collins.

Most Positive Attitude: Sarah Lagasse.

Outstanding Achievement in Photography and Design: Lynne Hazelton.

Mechanical Wizard Award: Josh Day.

Law Enforcement

Best Work Attitude: Jessica Kennagh.

Most Improved Student: Ben Downing.

Most Dependable Student: Andy Foster.

Golden Badge Award: Jason Dignan.


Outstanding Marketing Student: Kellie Sunderland.

Outstanding DECA Student: Corri Runes.

Best Work Ethic/Attitude: Alicia Farrar.

Scholarships were awarded as follows:

James W. McKinney Jr. Scholarships: Annie Foster, Jamie Fortier, Fred Schwaner IV, Cassandra Harney.

Linwood F. Allen Memorial Scholarship: Allen Reid.

Grand Lodge of Maine Masonic Scholarship: David Heidrich Jr.

Don Doughty Memorial Scholarship: Allen Doughty.

OHTS Teachers’ Association Scholarships: Corri Runes, Sarah Lagasse and Joseph Colby.

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