SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Heidi B. and James H. Hewison to Ricker Hill Orchards, in Hebron.

Ricker Hill Orchards to Heidi B. and James H. Hewison, in Hebron.

Harold E. and Marie A. McAllister to Donna M. and Jose M. Pirela, in Paris.

William T. Turner Jr. to Gary L. and Peggy Ann Roberts, in Hebron.

Gail A. Daigle and Gail A. Therrien to Charles D. and Dawna L. Bowlin, in Buckfield.

Donald E. and Brandy M. Burgess to Lawrence III and Jenna L. LaPointe, in Peru.

Kirk S. and Katie A. Ray to Robert E. Bryant, in Hebron.

Nelson Hood Jr. and Nelson A. Hood Jr. to Paula M. Burgess and Sherryl L. Smith, in Upton.

Richard E. Day and Robert L. Prue and Bernard A. Frost to Robert L. Prue and Bernard A. Frost, in Mexico.

Mark J. Pache to Judy A. Ellis and Debra A. Moon, in Rumford.

James Russell Douglas and Patti Ann Douglas to James Russell Douglas and Patti-Ann Douglas and James Russell Douglas and Patti Ann Douglas Revocable Trust, in Norway.

Estate of Nicholas J. Puiia and Nicholas J. Jr. and James C. Puiia to Catherine and Edward O’Bar, in Dixfield.

Christopher W. and Deborah T. Pinkham to Carl F. Gustafson and Sandra H. Blatchford to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank N.A., in Newry.

Kenneth E. and Sandra J. Poland to Gilbert Eaton, in West Paris.

Steven J. Whitman and Linda C. Whitman to Daniel C. and Carol A. Porter, in Otisfield.

Ralph L. and Gail L. and Ralph L. Arsenault Sr. to Ronald P. Tremblay, in Byron.

Bruce B. Mello to Brian A. Pedersen, in Norway.

George A. Olson to Frederick R. and Marcia J. and Michael J. Muir, in Bethel.

Richard M. and Melinda K. Quinlan to Paul M. Cunningham, in Newry.

Murray W. Thurston and Rosalie T. Wight to Locke Summit Estates, in Newry.

Locke Summit Estates LLC to Murray W. Thurston and Rosalie T. Wight, in Newry.

Ruth A. Chase and Alvin R. and Dale L. and Robert A. Stevens to Locke Summit Estates LLC, in Newry.

Joan S. Goodall to Locke Summit Estates LLC, in Newry.

Samuel R. Leddy to Samuel R. Leddy and Patricia Early, in Newry.

K and M Hanson Properties LLC to Stephen Nolan IV, in Greenwood.

John H. Judkins III to John H. Judkins and Sally A. Smith, in Paris.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Robert S. Bourgoin and Maine Designs, in Oxford.

Victor J. Haverinen to Dennis P. Durgin, in Paris.

Sharon Slavin to Sharon Slavin and Paul Scott, in Bethel.

Sharon Slavin and Paul Scott to Daniel P. Kirgis and Cynthia L. Salisbury, in Bethel.

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