SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Joshua A. Herrick to Brandi L. and Thomas E. Jr. Cushman, in Waterford.

Karen Berube and Estate of Justin M. Pettengill to Webster Tree Service Inc., in Hebron.

Harriett T. Sicotte to Timothy L. Sicotte, in Woodstock.

William L. Gallant and Estate of Marguerite M. Gallant to James K. and Robert J. and William L. Gallant, in Rumford.

Kay M. Nickel to Corporate Relocation Services, in Norway.

Corporate Relocation Services Inc. to Tracey L. Chase, in Norway.

Manley C. Dakin to Stephen St. Pierre, in Hartford.

David A. and Frances M. Head to Robert M. Lehmkuhl, in Norway.

Vivian B. Hall to Dustin J. W. Holmes, in Paris.

Lisa Simpson to Eleanor E. Zupokfska, in Waterford.

Joseph N. and Faye A. Roy to William J. MacMillan and Duncan J. S. MacMillan and Pamela J. MacMillan and MacMillan Revocable Trust, in Woodstock.

Warren W. and Nancy L. Sawyer to Patricia Holt, in Bethel.

Alisia M. Brisson to Bob M. Brisson, in Hartford.

Susan E. Huckaby to Philip R. and Joanne L. Hines, in Otisfield.

Ethel Bean Turner and Craig E. Turner and Ethel K. Bean to Sarah Bean Dailey, in Otisfield.

Robert L. MacMunn Sr. and Mary V. and Robert L. MacMunn to Mary V. and Robert L. MacMunn Sr. and Mary V. MacMunn Trust, in Norway.

Carolyn F. Johnson to Shawn and Dawn McNutt, in West Paris.

Brian T. Landis to Frank T. and Jean M. Britton, in Paris.

Patrick and Eileen M. Pelletier to Steven Pelletier, in Peru.

Jonathan A. and Pamela L. Jacobsen and Jacobsen Family Trust and Wendelin F. Wohns and Wendelin F. Wohns Family Trust to Jonathan A. and Pamela L. Jacobsen and Jacobsen Family Trust, in Norway.

Michael P. and Jill A. Walden to Monika Burk, in Greenwood.

Archie L. Lovejoy to David S. Pope and Jennifer R. Rawlings, in Bethel.

Evanna M. Grover to Jamie L. and Daniel D. Hastings, in Greenwood.

Estate of Donna L. Wolters and Diane R. Carlton to Paul and Lisette Bolduc, in Mexico.

Michael T. and Debra L. Boyd to Donald R. and William Paradis, in Peru.

Frank Croydon Perham and Mary Esther Perham to Evco Inc., in Paris.

James E. Jr. and Deborah A. Deshon to Lawrence J. and Valerie J. Kanavy, in Paris.

Philip R. Metcalf Jr. to Joshua R. and Kimberly M. Bennett, in Otisfield.

Leroy C. and Ruth C. Wilson to Carolyn Johnson, in Paris.

Bonnie L. Bonney to Michael E. and Debra Mehigan, in Paris.

Savage Land Development LLC to Mass Hauling Corp., in Bethel.

James Stearns and William Thomas Gates and Gates Family Trust to Lewis F. and Barbara Sutherland, in Norway.

Cobble View Properties Inc. to John J. LaVoie, in Hartford.

Richard L. and Patricia S. Austin to Richard C. Austin, in Norway.

Stephen and Anita Hakala to Jeanette P. Snow, in Norway.

Stephen and Anita Hakala to Jeanette P. Snow and Anita Hakala, in Norway.

Webster N. Jones to Lloyd L. Poland, in Albany Township.

Jodi R. Cornelio and Jodi J. Richard to MSB Associates, in Rumford.

Richard William and Kathleen Tucker to Michael P. and Sharon C. McCarron, in Hartford.

Dwayne E. Childs to John L. and Martha J. Witherell, in Peru.

David Connor to David Connor and Lisa J. Bennett, in Norway.

Stephen F. III and Cynthia A. Nolan to John D. Carolan, in Bethel.

Frances J. Begin and Charles Alton Lowe to Deborah Taylor and Grace Corbin, in Greenwood.

Wilbur C. and Davene M. Mitchell to Lucien G. Roberge, in Bethel.

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