Between the choices of bearing another day at Lewiston High drowned in the endless lectures of their classrooms or initiating the year with an adventure outdoors alongside their friends and peers, the Senior Class of 2006 without question dove into the arms of Mother Nature. On Sept. 14, for the fourth consecutive year, Lewiston High School seniors set out for a day of fun at Range Pond anticipating the grub, weather, games and people they were about to encounter.

“The purpose of Senior Survivor Day is to provide a unique opportunity that encourages new kids with motivation and relationships, team building and leadership, recognition of and appreciation of one’s personality and that of others, and developing respectful interactions through diversity.”

Arriving at the paradise pond, the seniors divided into selected groups involving people they weren’t familiar with. Throughout the day they were to participate in trivia games about Lewiston High, boat launches and physical games. But while engaging themselves in the mental and physical opportunities provided, the students also formed bonds with the surrounding teenagers. “It was important for them to connect with people outside the norm,” says Mr. Paul Barron, class advisor. “It’s a chance for them to apply things they learn in the classroom in a real world situation. . . they performed as collaborative workers that day.”

Mrs. Ellen Cifelli, another volunteer for Senior Survivor Day, noted the high attendance rate and the spectacular weather. “It was the seniors’ one opportunity to unite for the year to come.” Being able to find a getaway from the average day at school was quickly jumped on by kids as they recognized the chance to relax and enjoy themselves for a few hours. “I definitely think the school should continue Senior Survivor Day. It was a great chance to come together,” says senior Nicole Bussiere. The excursion lasted from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Additional aid to make Senior Survivor Day take place and run smoothly was helped by the lending hands of available school teachers and the National Guard.

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